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Hearing God's Words

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I have gone astray like a lost sheep; Seek Your servant, For I do not forget Your commandments. Psalm 119:176

When it comes to reading Hebrew poetry, which rhymes ideas, typical words-per-minute reading rates don't apply. Even if you could read and ponder an eight-verse stanza every minute, it would take you twenty-two minutes to get to Psalm 119's last verse (quoted above).

So, here's a quick summary:

- Almost every verse of Psalm 119 talks about God's Word, the Bible.

- It says God's Word is true, righteous, and eternal. It's wonderful, good, and pure. It never changes, disappears, or grows out of date.

- Thirty times Psalm 119 urges you to obey God's Word, to observe it, and to keep it with all your heart until the end of your life.

- Twenty times you're told to remember God's Word and to meditate on it.

- Twenty more times it urges you to love God's Word and delight in it.

- Ten times it commands you to long after God's Word and wait for it.

- Fifteen times Psalm 119 exhorts you to live a pure life.

- Three times it warns you not to wander off the path of life.

- Best of all? Psalm 119 richly describes God Himself as righteous, loving, and kind, and your Master and Savior--and much more.

Prayer: Lord, I'm prone to wander. When I do, speak to me until I turn back onto Your path of life.