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Happy Birthday Moses, 120 candles, (Passing the baton) DEUT 31:1-30

PARASHA: "VaYELECH" (and he went)

DEUT 31:1-30....................... ..ISAIAH 55:6-56:8....................... ..JOHN 20:1-51

Torah: Deut 31:1-30;

We could call this Parasha "Passing the baton" Moshe is in his last days, YHVH has already told him that he is going to die, and so, with that, he needs to prepare the next leader who will lead "Am Yisrael" into the Promised Land, C'anaan. Joshua, whose name in Hebrew is "Yehoshuah" which is a form of "Yeshua" whose name bears the Tetragrammaton (YHVH) HE will lead the people to their promised "Eretz Shalom" .

Moshe starts out with his age, We can say "Happy Birthday Moshe" and hope we have one humongous cake with 120 candles. We can divide Moshe's 120 years in three parts, the first 40 were spent as a youth, and Prince of Egypt, a soldier in Pharaoh's Army, he lived a life of royalty, the next 40 years he lived as a "shepherd of sheep" going through the "school of hard knocks" from riches to, well, maybe not rags, but he was humbled, G-d used him and his experience in Egypt to lead sheep, and to know the desert of Madian, since, he would return. the final 40 years he was a shepherd/leader of a few million human sheep with an attitude. If we take note, his "real" purpose did not start until he was 80 years old! Where will we be at 80? if we last that long. the letter "m" is "MEM" in Hebrew
and has the numeric value of 40! Moshe's name starts with "M" it symbolizes "trials and testings" it also symbolizes "water, the masses, and chaos"

Well, did not Moshe part the "Waters" of the Red Sea? bring "living waters" out of the Rock? which symbolizes Yeshua? did he not lead the "Masses" of Israel? did he not turn a people who lived in "chaos" under Egyptian rule, into a "People of the Torah?" But it was really our living GOD, our "Aveinu Malkeinu" who did all this THROUGH his chosen Prophet, just as He works through YOU AND ME, to carry out his will and his ministry.

It is to think of death, I am sure Moshe wanted to keep on living, but he accepted his fate. How do we think of death? it will come to us sooner of later. Romans says, "It is appointed unto man once to die, and after this, the judgment" we, like those before us, are just "visitors" on this planet called "earth" a perfect "house" for man, animals, and plants, that mankind messed up. Some worship "death" others prefer not to think about it, others prepare for it ahead of time, for me, I prefer not to think about it, just live every day to the fullest, and when it comes, it comes. Physical death is just the doorway that opens to the "rest of our life" that which will NEVER end, for the believer, it will be a blessing, for those who are lost, it will be the "eternal curse" and no second chances.

Moshe ordered that the Torah be read at the end of every seven years! (31:9) This is to remind the people of God's precious word, so that they will remember, I am sure that this would take several weeks, or even months to read through and discuss. Do we study and review God's Word once every seven years? I hope not, I hope we do it every year, little by little, every week, so we are constantly reminded of his mitzvoth, of the words of Yeshua, that were written down by his talmidim.

Moshe also predicts Israel's rebellion and perdition, a note to die under, thank God for the remnant that remained faithful, for those who looked forward to the coming of Yeshua
for those chosen prophets who remained faithful to their calling, let us also remain faithful to our calling, what ever it may be.
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________
Haf Torah: ISAIAH 55:6-56:8

Yeshayahu Ha Navi writes, through the Ruach Elohim, "Seek YHVH while HE may be found, Call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way. and the unrighteous man his thoughts, let him return to YHVH...."

One may think and wonder, "Is there a time when the LORD can NOT be found?" is there a time when he is NOT near?" While we know that Adonai is always with us, and sees all, knows all, He knows what every human is doing 100% of the time. There might be a time when a lost person pushes the LORD away to such an extent that in time, that person will not WANT to search for HIM, even when common sense tells a person to call upon the LORD, that person will not WANT to do it, Spiritually, his or her heart will be hardened to such an extent, that "searching for God" will not even pass through that person's mind. Even though we know He is as near as prayer, for a hardened soul, being near is too far away.

This verse is perfect for this time of year, for Rosh Ha Shanna, for Yom Kippur, a time of "Teshuvah" from the verb "shuv" (To turn) to turn from our sins and evil ways, make a 180 degree turn around and head for G-d, with a repentant heart, to make amends, to forgive those who we have held a grudge against, As we turn in repentance, HE will turn his face towards us also
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ______________________
Brit HaDashah: JOHN 20:1-31

Yochanan writes of the "empty tomb" which was proof that the Prophets were right, and death was conquered by life, there were many witnesses, who gave their lives for their testimony, do you think they would have died for a lie? The ROCK who was placed in a tomb of rock, is our ROCK OF AGES. Either we can fall upon him..............or HE will fall upon us!

Shabbat Shalom..................rabbi Ben Avraham

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