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Had a break though here but....

A few days back i had a break through here and ever since satan has made his mission it seems to make my path back to god a hard one and i feel so weak againest him like i cant handle it all by myself i know i ask the lord for help still that feeling of weakness plagues me fills my head.So i am asking to be prayed for please this is adding onto the stress i had before i need back up so help me please.
Lone Angel I will pray for you (& have already). You correctly identified what the enemy is attempting to do...he would love to discourage you that you would turn away & say it's too hard. But God is leading you more than you may realize...He brought you to this place, put in your heart to ask for prayer from fellow believers (entirely scriptural to do that) & given me the prayer to pray for you. I prayed that in this time, God Himself will be your strength to enable you to keep walking with Him (see Philippians 1:6).

If not already, become familiar with Ephesians 6:10-18. Pray those scriptures over yourself. God loves it when we bring His word back to Him. I do believe things are "heating up" in the spiritual realm. I & many people I have talked to have been experiencing spiritual attacks. Don't let satan back you into a corner...he doesn't have any right to do that unless you give it to him.
Hello Lone Angel. May God bless you greatly and keep you safe. The devil will try hard, but only God can help. I'll support you in my prayers. bye
your sis,
Staff Member
Jesus Christ = Alpha & Omega, King of Kings, Almight GOD
satan = defeated, hell bound, stripped of power

Luke 10:19
I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you
We lead such busy lives and are surrounded by so much commotion and noise. It is all too easy to
miss that still, small voice or question its motive because we don't understand His purpose! Listen
carefully for His whispers, and whenever you are lucky enough to hear one, respond and do what He
asks. You will always touch someone when you follow His lead. You may need to make some small
sacrifice along the way. But, I promise, you will receive an even greater blessing yourself! And,
if you close your eyes and open your heart, I bet you'll be able to see God smile and hear His angels sing! I know I have!
You are right,you can't do it alone but you can with God. God will help you. Just have faith and believe He will help you. Study the Word and use it. Go to your church and ask you pastor to lay hands on you and pray. Then ask God to forgive you. Everything will be ok.