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Good Morning?

Staff Member
Good Morning?

- July 21, 2005

"Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed." Mark 1:35 (NIV)

I'd like to begin this "thought for the day" with a little poem: I was up before dawn,Took a prayer walk after a storm,Saw a man pull out of his driveway,With his cell earphone on.

Oh well, its not much of a poem is it? But, the story continues. I wondered that beautiful weekday morning, "who could that man possibly be talking to so early in the day?" Was it his lawyer, his jogging buddy or maybe his assistant back at work? Or, maybe he saw something dreadful in the news about the stock market and he was connecting with his broker for advice. And then I wondered, "has he spoken to the most important person of all yet this morning: God?"

Many a day, we just jump out of bed (or roll out depending on whether you are a morning person or not) and get ready to do whatever our calendars say we should be doing. Maybe it's a workday and you're already running dreadfully late. Or, perhaps we're reveling in the sweet relief of a lazy Saturday morning with not a thing planned! Either way, we should consider how we start each day and that annoying thing called our "day timer". Never forget, God is our ultimate day timer each day. He plans out each of our days and every detail that goes into them. He knows the people you are going to meet, the words you are going to say and He notices the time spent away from Him. He knows when you are feeling great and when you are hurting. So why not ask Him to order your day each morning? Let Him prioritize your calendar and guide you to obey His schedule.

When you opened your eyes this morning, did you welcome the idea that Jesus had been watching over you all night long and that His angels were posted at your bedside? Did you thank Him for the breaths you filled your lungs with as you awoke? Did you praise Him for a refreshing night's sleep, filled with sweet dreams dancing in your head?

How about when the first ray of sunlight crept into your window? Did you turn over in disgust that it was morning, or welcome the beauty of the sunrise? How awesome God is to provide a welcome sign each day as a reminder of the intricacy of His mighty power. He shows us His love every minute of every day through blessing upon blessing.

When you arise each morning, may you ask God to order your day! Be sure to claim every word you say in prayer to your Almighty Father and open your eyes to see His magnificent handiwork in all things. Unlike the man in the beginning of this story, we dont need a phone or headset to call upon our Lord.

Contributed by Diane Check. Diane has enjoyed writing short morning "thoughts for the day" for associates at her insurance company for the past few years. She lives in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, with her husband and eleven-year old son. She is currently working on her first prayer devotional.

i didnt get much of a chance to think abou God this mornign i was woken up by my best friend in my room... LOL how bad...

i was asleep and he came over to do homework he got to my house all ready and i was asleep. so in that sence i didnt think of God first thing no. btu i will do Double time tonite.. :):) just to make up for it... he he he!!!

Thanks for that Inspiring though though Chad really makes your eyes open up..

Love Simon!!!
GOOD WORD Chad....

GOOD WORD Chad! Jesus is working dynamically through you. Just one question though! Where do you find the time?

:love: Yeshua :boy_hug: ,Your Brother in Christ.

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