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God's Glory

Hi all, Just a quick testimony of God's Glory manifesting.

Yestaday, in the evening, me and a few believers in the Lord (6 of us altogether), gathered together in unity and began to pray about a certain situation. We then began to pray for the Glory of God to show up. As we prayed in fervency, Rebeca (who is 15) fell out under the power of God and God's presence began to increase more and more. Timothy (who is only 10), then had a vision of God on the throne and seeing the light of God's Glory which was so bright, that He found it difficult to look at God. As he shared this vision, it was like God's Glory just swept into the room and I fell to the floor weeping uncontrolably, along with Rebeca, Timothy and Debbie. (Debbie is the mother of Rebeca and Timothy). We were like this for about 20 minutes Just weeping in the awesome presence of God.

God's Glory is sweeping the earth today. It starts with a hunger to know God more and for God's Glory to manifest in your life, in your church, in your town, city and wherever you live.

When you have an encounter with God's Glory, it changes you and makes you more like Jesus. God's Glory causes you to want to begin to reach out to the lost, to pray for the sick, to see the works of Jesus manifested on the earth today.

On a side note me and a few others in our Church have started to go out into the streets of where we live, to preach the Gospel and to pray for the sick. Through Rebeca's encounter with God's Glory, she now want's to come out with us. Praise God! God is touching the youth. Glory! Glory! Glory!

It's time to have encounter's with God's Glory and to then get rid of our fears of preaching to people we've never met before and to then go out of the four corners of our comfortable Churches, with the Glory of God on us and the fire of God in us and begin to reach out to the lost with the love of Jesus. If they won't come to us, lets go to them. Jesus did.

I pray right now that every single person reading this would have an encounter with God's Glory! Father, I pray that you just saturate them with your Glory, touch them Lord and birth a hunger and desire in their hearts to know you like they've never known before. Let them be soul winners, revival starters, father in the name of Jesus! Amen.

Love in Jesus, Jonathan.