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Gods Gain in Heaven

November-25-2001 My grand daughtor Stephnie, age 19 went to be with our Lord. My daughtor and family spent the day with me ,Stephnie was the first to leave,before going she hughed me and I toled her I was prowed of her and thanked her for the light house candle holderand then she lefted.It was a very rainy day and very clouded, as I was standing at the sink under the kitchen window looking out the sun appered to shine but to me it was more than that because the rain dropes that was falling semed to be silver as so did the rain drops on the trees and yard, it was very pretty. It was just about this time that Stephine lost control of her car the road was very slick ,her car hit,drivers side,into a big tree be side the road. Just as quick as the sun appeared it desappeared and be came just as clouded and raining as it had been. we estamaded the time that Stephine left and the time that the accident happened, would be around the time that the sun came out.To me ,I beleive God was giving us peace that we would need in the days to come as .
Hey Gerlene, thank you for sharing your testimony! Philippians 4:4-9 Our prayers are with you, sister!
He is an Awesome Good who truly loves His children.
Thank you for the encouraging words.

May His Peace and Love remain with you throughout the days to come!