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God's Fashion (Poem)

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God’s fashion is beyond understanding
His art is in different colours and feelings
God’s fashion is a wonder beyond imaginations
His masterpiece covers many nations

God’s fashion bring tears to my eyes
From what I’ve seen is above all skies
God’s fashion is a joy of life
Just like a young man who found his wife

God’s fashion shines in glory
Just like the ending of a fairytale story
God’s fashion is bigger than the sea
And much taller than a tree

God’s fashion is pure gold
Without scratches and not old
God’s fashion brings laughter to all
And upright those who tumble and fall

God’s fashion is a heart filling sound
His music and melodies deserve a crown
God’s fashion keeps on evolving
In the new years of our living

God’s fashion brings men to their knees
And worldwide spectator to cheer
God’s fashion rise hills into mountains
And brings down evil to shame

God’s fashion is above humanity
His creations are made holy
God’s fashion design lights in darkness
This brings to little children pure gladness

God’s fashion is heaven reflection
Which gives a breath taking emotion
God’s fashion cannot change
It is made for his own image

God’s fashion gives lives to painters
And inspiration to composers
God’s fashion is the sweet taste of berries
Which clear minds from all worries

God’s fashion is not religion
But gives love to His creation
God’s fashion paints out peace
And writes miracle books for you and me

God’s fashion has no definite meaning
It remains a mystery to all being
God’s fashion is un-finishable
I try to write it all but was not able
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