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God Provides...

It is amazing how God provides! He amazes me time and time again.

Sometimes, though, our lack of faith is what brings us down. My family is struggling through some financial problems, my brother doesn't have a job, and I think I'm gonna start bouncing two jobs at a time while going to school as well.

I'm also trying to raise money for couple trips this year. I know God provides cause He has so many other times and has proven himself faithful.

Please pray that my Faith in Him will not waver. Thank you!

Lord Jesus, always supply Damaris and her family with the standing provision of faith and all things that they'll need, right on up to eternity with You. And bless them indeed with the eternal securities that only You can provide, overflowing, even, for others as well...those around them and beyond, reaching out with Your always Loving Hand of forgivenesses and provision of Your Holy Spirit. Amen.