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Gloriatrix - just joined!

I wish to introduce myself to all here as I have just joined.

Please forgive me and have patience this day, but I am so bursting with joy in the Lord my God that I may overstep the bounds of propriety as a new member. I hope that you who have been here long before me will not consider my words too forward.

I live in the country. This very morning I have been to the hill and walked along the shore on the strand - I see God's great beauty of our earth and am filled with it. I rejoice in the blessings which the Lord has bestowed on us all, praise be his holy name. My heart is filled with the joy of the Lord's blessing this day, as I hope you all are feeling the same blessing on you.

I could not have chosen a better day to have joined this Godly site! I consider that the day may not have been of my choosing, after all, and I bow to that superior will and guiding light of conscience in the world. My Lord and my God, my Love and my Light in the World - praise be to him and praise to you all his sons and daughters, and all of his mighty Creation. Joy and blessings of the Lord be with you all forever!
Thank you

Soldier of God said:
Praise God brother!!! Glory!!! It is a good day, and glad to have you. May I ask what your name means? Im very curious. God Bless.

Thank you so much for your kind words of welcome, may God bless you.

The name I have chosen, well to be honest, I dont think it means anything. I was at a loss to come up with something and, thinking of God's great creation as a matrix of what is known to us and what is only know by Him alone, and the great feeling of glory which I feel in my heart this day for the Lord and all his works - I just put the two together, glory+matrix and came out with 'Gloriatrix'. Im sorry its so contrived and probably unwieldy, but its hard to think of things like that, right off, sometimes.

I hope this explains what was in my mind for a name choice. I look forward to sharing and chating with all of the people here, and thanks again to you for your generous welcome.
welcome to talk jesus!!!
glad you joined this wonderful site....
hope to see you around!

god bless
Staff Member
God bless you brother and thank you for joining our body in Christ :)

GOD is awesome and yes, His nature / creation is perfectly beautiful!