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GFA: 11/09/2004 Update

Staff Member
Dear Fellow Christians,

When I think about the thousands of children in India who suffer because of poverty, my heart breaks for them. The other day I heard about a little girl, just 6 years old, who rolls cigarettes hour after hour until late in the evening. What if she never gets the chance to go to school? What if she is still rolling cigarettes 10 or 12 years from now?

Our Father cares intensely about the future of such little ones who are born into poverty. GFA Bridge of Hope children’s outreach, I believe, is an expression of His deep concern. Boys and girls can learn to read and develop their minds while they are nurtured in the love of Christ. But many of them still need sponsors—someone who will provide their books and tuition, school uniform and a warm meal each day.

You can bring hope to a child for just $28 per month and change a child’s life forever. To learn more, please visit our page—it has a fresh new look.

K.P. Yohannan
Founder & President
Gospel for Asia
Bridge Of Hope

"Unlike other sponsorship programs, with the Bridge Of Hope, the children will hear the gospel."

"100% of your sponsorship is sent to the mission field. Nothing is taken out for administration or fundraising."

"What better way to reach the lost than share the Lord Jesus with a young child who may otherwise never hear His name? Thank you for your ministry and may God open new doors for your missionaries to reach the lost!" (AL)

Amen AL, wonderful program!