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fun in faith

this might sound crazy but at the moment it seems like us Christians can't have fun personally i believe we should have more fun because we don't have as much evil in our lives being a Christian is great but it could be better i love god with all my heart and i believe he wants us to have more fun than we do why would he want his children to be unhappy ? take halloween for example some people associate it with Evil but some of us christians believe in all hallows eve instead last year i went to a church organised festival of light and was bored out of my skin but just today i was thinking about this and came up with loads of ways to have great fun and stay well within christian guidelines. don't you think people should look upon christianity and be interested not bored i think thats what god would want please tell me your point of view whatever it is, i'll be glad to hear it. just remember god always does what he can for us and we should do the same for him. :confused:


Hi Angelwave,

You are still very young and yes it is important to have fun. I think that you have a very busy social life!!! The church has got lots of people who are like minded and also want to have fun. Perhaps if you have time you could spend some time with those people helping to put on the events that you like so much!!!!!!!!!!Use your enthusiasm in a positive way and you will get great rewards.

God bless and love always :love:

I have a lot of fun with my faith. The smiles that people bring to me are fun in my opinion. Happiness is a form of fun for me. Just all the love is awesome.
It is not God's will for us to be down and discouraged all of the time. But Jesus was a man of sorrows. Christian means "christ like." Our focus in life should not just to be happy and have fun. People shouldn't be attracted to Christianity becasue of this, but because they see something inside. A peace and joy that we have even when things are going wrong. It's ok to relax and have fun. The bible says that a merry heart does a person good. But don't get caught up in just having fun.
I often am happy but people think i'm sad. I feel the peace of God and it relaxes me but people dont see this. Im real quiet at school so people try to read me by my facial expressions which i sometimes just stare into space and think and then they think there is something wrong.

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