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From Getshemane to Calvary

Herod was in Jerusalem and he had heard too that Jesus was in Jerusalem. When Herod saw Jesus he very pleased, because he wanted for a long time to see Jesus. Herod wanted to see some miracles, which Jesus did. Herod also questioned Jesus, but Jesus did not answer him and did not do any miracles. When Herod didn't see any miracles, he and his crowd treated Jesus scornfully. They also mocked Jesus.

People want to see and experience miracles, which feed only carnal essence of the men. But, Jesus Christ wants give people a miracle, where a man gets salvation from the power of the sin and Satan. After that miracle, Jesus fill’s the heart of the people with cleanliness and brightness. This salvation is the greatest miracle of all miracles, which Jesus wants give to all people. But, if men want only to play and enjoy the fleshy things from Jesus, this is a game Jesus won’t want to come along. Jesus saw right into the heart of Herod and that his only desire was to enjoy carnal pleasures and that Herod didn’t want to repent and receive purification from his sin. That's why Jesus was quiet and did not answer or do anything before Herod. Jesus is not a magician, who surprises people with insignificant tricks. Jesus aim is always for the cleaning of the heart of man from the filth of sin and if a man does not come with these motives to Jesus, He will not help them. Jesus will not support our sins, because sins destroy the man. Herod was offended when Jesus did not fulfil his carnal and sinful wishes, that's why he became angry and started to taunt and mock Jesus. If people want to live their lives in carnal motives then they will be offended by Jesus. Jesus wants to fill the heart of people with His love and truth. Jesus wants to clean our heart from our sins and to fill our heart with His Holy Spirit, which gives us the power to live a righteous life.

John 5:35: He was a burning and a shining light: and ye were willing for a season to rejoice in his light.

The ‘good ground’ are the people who come in a right and good heart to hear the Word; they hold on to it and bear fruit in patience. The Holy Spirit’s influence is to give patience and we need patience to do the will of Jesus Christ, so that we can do His good works by the help of the Holy Spirit. By that way we don’t offend the King of the Kings, Jesus Christ.