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From Genesis to Revelation the Bible has also recorded The Story How GOD has reach out His hands continually to Disobedient people

(Isaiah 65)BSB
"All day long I have held out My hands to an obstinate people who walk in the wrong path, who follow their own imaginations, to a people who continually provoke Me to My face,sacrificing in the gardens and burning incenseon altars of brick,"

So it was yesterday, so it is today.
Deuteronomy 32:16-19,21
They provoked him to jealousy with strange gods, with abominations provoked they him to anger…

Psalm 36:4
Even on his bed he plots wickedness; he sets himself on a path that is not good; he fails to reject evil.
Psalm 81:11
But My people would not listen to Me, and Israel would not obey Me.
Psalm 81:12
So I gave them up to their stubborn hearts to follow their own devices.
Proverbs 1:24
Because you refused my call, and no one took my outstretched hand,
Isaiah 1:2
Listen, O heavens, and give ear, O earth, for the LORD has spoken: "I have raised children and brought them up, but they have rebelled against Me.

Why don't they see the pain, Why do they not behold their GOD? For many will not behold Their Creator, for the day is coming. No more "mercy no more grace" The day will be a Day of Judgement and Justice. For the Glory of GOD will be Manifested! Event 1, Event 2, Event 3 and Then all things will become NEW!

The Time is Coming, when it will be Too Late! You can call on HIM, and HE will not hear, GOD will laugh at your calamity.

"OH how a fool hate knowledge"
22“How long, O simple ones, will you love your simple ways?
How long will scoffers delight in their scorn
and fools hate knowledge?

23If you had repented at my rebuke,
then surely I would have poured out my spirit on you;
I would have made my words known to you.
24Because you refused my call,
and no one took my outstretched hand,
25because you neglected all my counsel,
and wanted none of my correction,
26in turn I will mock your calamity;
I will sneer when terror strikes you,

27when your dread comes like a storm,
and your destruction like a whirlwind,
when distress and anguish overwhelm you.
28Then they will call on me, but I will not answer;
they will earnestly seek me, but will not find me.

29For they hated knowledge
and chose not to fear the LORD.
30They accepted none of my counsel;
they despised all my reproof.
31So they will eat the fruit of their own way,
and be filled with their own devices.
32For the waywardness of the simple will slay them,
and the complacency of fools will destroy them.
33But whoever listens to me will dwell in safety,
secure from the fear of evil.”

These are The Words of GOD! Listen, This world will not warn you! [THAT DEVIL WILL SUGAR COAT IT] And if they do, their warnings is more like "It ain't that bad"! god is love. Don't worry. "Just like he did to EVE"in Garden."

I know most :christians do not believe in "Original Sin" or understands what it means and don't care what it means.

"I am sounding the Alarm" I am the Running, just like in the "Old Testament"!
Staff Member

While we were yet sinners.....
you know the rest...

Christ died for us, the Godly for the ungodly.....

what Grace

Bless you ....><>

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