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How much is that doggy in the window?

After an exhaustive process, we chose a tiny Yorkshire terrier. He was just too darn cute to leave at the shelter. The five of us talked it out and had a name for him before we arrived at our front door. Fritzy. Fritz for short.

He jumped and ran and panted all over the house as he explored his new home. The kids faces were bright as the sun, and even my wife was excited at our addition to the family. Ahh, who am I kidding, he was the cutest little thing I had ever seen. I always thought a dog should be big and loud. Strong, and something to be able to rough-house with. To chose a 'yorkie' was just plumb crazy. Until you fall in love with the little pooch that is.

Besides being so cute, he was very affectionate. It seemed as though he couldn't snuggle close enough, or sit still in your lap from the excitement of just being with you. Everything was great.

That is until he chewed up my shoe laces. Or had an accident on the living room floor, or woke me up at 3am for no apparent reason. But when he chewed up the corner of our new couch, that was the straw that broke the camels back. I rolled up the newspaper and whacked him on the nose. He retreated to a nearby corner and looked at me with those big ol' eyes. He was so confused, and scared. I felt so bad. The next thing you know, I'm holding him and talking 'baby talk' to him like a...a, well, a girl. Blah! (I hope no one from work sees this)

The thing is, I loved that little dog. Even when he messed up. Like Jesus loves us even when we mess up. (which is often I must admit) But just like me with my dog, Jesus holds out his arms and comforts us, and loves on us. Why? Because we deserve it? Of course not, Fritz was out of line, and maybe even out of control, but I loved on him too. Not because he deserved it, no. He deserved the rolled up newspaper on the nose. I loved on him and comforted him because he was mine. Bought and paid for by me. Just as Jesus has bought and paid for us. He took us up out of the shelter and brought us home with him. He knew us even before we came to live with him. He showed his Father, and brothers and sisters, what he had bought, and they were all excited. How awesome is that? That the Lord of lords and King of kings chose us?! After an exhaustive process, he takes us home with him. Awesome!

I know that I'll chew up his slippers on occasion. And possibly even have an accident on the floor, but I know that he will still love me. I can't explain it, I just know. I know, because I'm his.

God bless us all,