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Freedom of the press a basic right? what rot

there is alot garbage about this right....WE HAVE NO RIGHTS

we are slaves for Christ and respect for others (apart from rejecters) in are our only freedom. We breathe only by His grace
The press for the most part has become a propaganda tool for the rich and powerful. Gone are the days of simple straight forward news with no slant to promote some agenda. It is what it is, its a fallen world, we, the salt of the world, seem to have lost much of our saltiness.
exactly, here in new zealand, 99% of news given to us has either transgender/whatever-you-feel-like/self-centred bias. hard to find a world source that doesn't swear and ...but i am dangerously close to giving a foothold for that hairy idiot. must always look up!!
The only place to be certain that the news we receive is unbiased is the Word of God. By this I don't mean only the Bible, because a man of God can have God's Word on his lips when he speaks. As to "new" of the world around us, probably some of what our news outlets give us is somewhat accurate, but how accurate depends on the purpose that it is released. As most politicians won't hesitate to lie to serve their own interests, so also those who control the news media. The two are probably often the same.

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