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I want to thank the Lord for freedom, first of all. The TRUTH of God's Word does set us free indeed. My husband and I recently had to leave a church behind along with brothers and sisters who we love dearly. We may have stayed there longer than we should have, because we love those folks so very much-including the pastor. But there were some very deceptive doctrines and some gross mishandling of Scripture.

As hard as it was to move on, we are now out from under the deceptive teaching and we can "breathe spiritually" again. It is like walking out of smog into clear sunshine. THANK YOU, FATHER GOD, FOR YOUR PURE WORD, AND THE FREEDOM IT BRINGS!!!

Second, I would like to thank Jesus for fellowship. Since we are in transition and have not settled in to a new church home; I desparately miss the fellowhip with other believers. "Talk Jesus" has met my need for fellowship!!! Thank the Lord and thank you - brothers and sisters in Christ.
I know what you had to go through because i went through something just like that too. Its sooo cool how God leads you to another church when its time too. :D