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It's absolutely amazing that God can forgive me so many times after I do the same thing over and over and over again. He is so amasign and deserves every ounce of praise we offer, and every par of us. Give God your mind, your heart, your soul, your body, you health, everything! Be happy with your physical body, it is the temple of God, and so is your heart, so do your best to keeo it pure. Its the place where God is staying, and he deserves the best we can do and better. Lucky for us, he settles for our best, and is willing to forgive us when we mess up.

I have this image in my mind, when you sin, you put distance between you and God right? So it's almost like you and God are standing on oppostie sides of a deep, deep ravine, without a bridge. But when Jesus died on the cross, he became that bridge, and you can get back to God. But think about it, if he becomes the bridge, you are walking on Him to get over to the side where God is, right? And when you sin, you walk back over Him to the side opposite of God. This continues on for your whole life. So really, you spend your entire life walking all over Jesus. It's so hard to understand how He could put up with that, but I, for one am sure glad that he does.
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Amen so true. It kills me when I sin and it relieves me when I am forgiven. Life is just difficult in that sense but seriously, Jesus made it 100% relieving for us all.
Your right. God's grace is absolutely amazing. That a sinner like me is forgiven, time and again. Praise God.