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Wow, has it been a loooooooooooong time since I have found pleasure in my day job, and in other areas in my life; but I will briefly narrate my work life and story regarding my work as an environmental engineer.

I grew up on a farm busting cattle and growing wheat, in the middle of South Dakota, USA. I never really enjoyed the work there, but was naturally good at it. Dad also seen that I only worked on the farm because he asked me to, and so, allowed me to get a job in town starting at the end of my junior year in high school. I took a job at Taco John's. I quickly became a shift manager and did quite well. I understood though, that I wanted to achieve something more.

I never liked school, and was a C- or even slightly below student. Reflecting, it really was a lack of effort, poor attitude, and insufficient sense of urgency in high school. During cross county practice one day, a marine recruiter approached me and asked if he could come to the farm after school to show me what they were all about. I refused his request, and told him I would let him know. I pondered it and didn't really make my mind up either way. One at home, doing math homework, a loud knock was at the door. It was the marine recruiter! He showed up uninvited. I really didn't appreciate that because I didn't want to be pressured into a decision. I let him in and he said his spiel. I really didn't hear him, though as i was really put off because of his aggressive approach. Fortunately, I was always good at math and science. And so, in deducing what to do for my life I decided to pursue an engineering degree and enrolled into South Dakota Tech.

The first two years as an engineer, I was feisty and engineered with a passion. There wasn't an argument or disagreement I wouldn't contend. If no resolutions came about I continued my course, even if against the program rules. I rationalized that the rules were flexible and there for my molding. The next two years, I was the same way, though I didn't take my fury from work home and incessantly complaining about how I was always right and everyone (no matter the experience gained on me) else was wrong, or thinking that they were just doing it their way because they couldn't keep up with my ideas. I was grossly arrogant and selfish. I was in Arizona at this time (2008) when the housing market popped. My employer peaked at like 130 employees but after the bubble, the company had to let go of nearly 80 employees - 62% loss! I still stood in my department down to 4 from 13. This all added to my arrogant pride thinking I was better than the others. Given all that I seen the writing on the wall and pursued another job before allowing the chance of getting fired.

Over the years, say from 2010 to 2016, I accumulated many credentials, licenses, awards, rewards, and other such things. With all of this success, over this time my work became less enjoyable and it flat lined over the last two years. I really haven't enjoyed it much at all and don't know why I was even an engineer in the first place. I would struggle to find a reason even to act as if I even deserved to be an engineer.

As you all may know I was born again this year! March 25, 2018 to be exact! Since then I have gained experience and am becoming a stronger follower of Jesus Christ - losing my life for His sake! And today, actually today, several things from church in hearing the Word, having the help of my pastor, praying and seeking, it has all come together in a KA-POW like manner from the hand of my Lord Jesus!! I have discovered a new reason to come to work everyday. I am doing it with gratitude, appreciation and humility, in the same way I should come to Him in worship and prayer. I am submitting myself to my boss and heeding his direction (I wonder if he knows?! loll). If I can't submit to my boss, how so can i submit myself to my Almighty God??!!!! (here He is cutting off my selfish pride). I see now that in everything that I do I should seek to glorify God, my master and creator!!! Now Jesus is in me I have the responsibility and ability to represent holiness and godliness in a way that doesn't shame Him. I am applying my life in Jesus to my job and it's the only way I see doing it from here on out!

Praise the Lord! He shall reign forever and ever! Amen!