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new life

  1. Tristan W

    For the glory of my Almighty God

    Wow, has it been a loooooooooooong time since I have found pleasure in my day job, and in other areas in my life; but I will briefly narrate my work life and story regarding my work as an environmental engineer. I grew up on a farm busting cattle and growing wheat, in the middle of South...
  2. Rick Love

    What's New?

    Background I’ve been trusting Jesus Christ as both my savior and lord for a week now. Most of my life I thought I was a good Christian, but my lifestyle proclaimed a different story. I’ve written a good amount on my past life, which was steeped in sexual addiction and sinful habits, but some...
  3. Sue J Love

    New Granddaughter

    Our (my husband's and my) only daughter (we also have 3 sons) gave birth to her (and her husband's) second child on Monday, January 25th. She gave birth to her only daughter (their other child is a boy). Our newest granddaughter (we now have 8 girls and 5 boys), is our 13th grandchild. She is...