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For All of Us, an open thread

Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by Bill, Mar 11, 2018.

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  1. We all experience God, every moment of every day. For us it is just a matter of recognising His Presence.

    Here are three moments i think are neat. Please add yours.

    A friend of mine invited me to play a game of Risk. (A game to conquer the world) (We were all in our mid 20's ).

    There were three others and myself. My friend won the coin toss, but asked what color i wanted. I said Blue. I then said, blue is the color of Gods love. They laughed. But i responded, im going to conquer the world with Gods Love.

    They decided to gang up against me, they beat me down to my last 3 pieces. (Now i have to tell you, there were 30+ attacking about 8.)

    I went on the attack.

    The game lasted 15 min. And i won.

    (Risk is typically a 2 - 3 hr game)

    They have never asked me to join them to play another game.

    There was a lady who had three children. Money was very tight for her, but she managed.

    I met her at a festival. And we would get together mostly on weekends. We both worked.

    I talked with her about Jesus and Gods love for her.

    She wasnt the type to accept any money from friends. But she herself would neglect shoes she might like to put some money away so she could take her three children out for a single summer vacation day.

    She bought tickets for Bobbalow Island. An amusement park that you can only get there by boat.

    The very morning, she was taking her children onto the boat, it started raining.

    She yelled at God saying. "God, bill brown says you are real. I dont care if it rains on the way there and on the way back, so long as it doesnt rain while we are there."

    She forgot what she had said.

    She and her children had a wonderful time on the island.

    Her children got back on the boat. As soon as she stepped on, there was a downpour. She said she felt an inch tall.

    When she told me the story, i just laughed.

    She is presently married, living happy and full of the Lord.
    One last story.
    There was a young minister i had heard about from a friend of mine. Rev. John was full of fire in the Lord. The church he belonged to has those who are conservative and liberals. He was assigned to one church and then to another. He was constantly getting in arguements with the senior pastor. As it was, all the churches he went to were liberal in thier thinking.

    Myself, i was in Cleveland making a delivery. The Lord sloke to me. "Call Rev. John, tell him, I want you".

    I didnt know the number to his church, but looked it up. I called and he answered.

    I really didnt have time to beat around the bush. So this is what i said. "Hello Rev. John, this is bill brown. If you knew who i was you would listen to what i have to say" he said 'go on'. I replied, " the Lord told me to tell you, I WANT YOU" then i hung up.

    I later laughed thinking how crazy that must sound out of the blue.

    As it turned out. The very day i called him, he was thinking of quiting.

    He now preaches at a conservitive church in Detroit.


    So now i leave this open to you guys. Please, share your experiences.

    Peace Always in Christ, bill
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  2. thankyou for sharing those stories puts alot of things in perspective
  3. @Bill

    Thanks for sharing those stories here. God is a very busy God.
  4. Thanks. But this post isnt about me. It is about how God works threw us. So tell us some stories. Please!
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  5. I will tell an old one about my pastor's father that I have heard more than once from my pastor. My pastor will attain age 93 this coming July. His father, was a full-blooded Canadian Indian, an honorary chief of the Chippewa tribe. He was sent to France for the First World War and along with many others received lung damage from Chlorine gas. At the end of his time in France he returned home to Canada and was sent to a doctor who took X-rays and confirmed that one lung was effectively destroyed and the other lung was severely damaged. There was nothing they could do. The doctor gave him at best six months to live.

    He became sad realizing that he did not have much time and in this frame of mind that he was walking the streets of London, Ontario, Canada in about 1917 or 1918 when he came to a store-front building on Dundas Street. There was a church service underway and he went in to see what the music was all about. It was a revival service being held at a local mission.

    During that meeting, the Chief was wonderfully changed, repenting of his sins and he wanted to be baptized in water. He was baptized in the Thames River in Ontario, in March of 1919. I would imagine the water was on the chilly side that far to the north.

    After being baptized, the Chief returned to his doctor there in Canada , who X-rayed him again. The doctor took him into a conference room and showed him the latest X-Rays of his lungs. The doctor said, "When we took the first X-Rays, one of your lungs was completely destroyed by the gas and the other was severely damaged. Today you have two new undamaged lungs. I don't understand it!"

    Of course, we understand it. From that point that man raised up in the pagan customs of his tribe was called to preach. He ministered for many years and his son witnessed many physical healings resulting from his father's ministry. His father died in 1947. His son, my pastor, born in Canada in 1925 presently continues in his ministry. Last year in spite of his age, he drove his car alone more than 21,000 miles in his ministry.

    Give God the glory!
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  6. Great story @amadeus2 thanks for sharing
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