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Following Jesus in the Working World

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Hi family,

I'll be graduating from college in June, and I was wondering if anyone had advice on following Jesus in the working world. I feel like I'm walking around in the dark right now, feeling my way through job possibilities. I'm not exactly sure where God wants me to be after college. I applied for this job today at an herbal-medicine pharmaceutical company, which pays very well with health benefits, lunch provided, and employee massage. However, I'm not so sure this job is for me, except that it pays well and has perks. I'm a psychology major seeking a job where my interpersonal communication and relational skills can be used.

Before I start applying to psych grad schools, I have to work to raise money to pay for grad tuition. I'm interested in going to Rosemead School of Psychology at Biola Univeristy, which approaches psychology from a Christian perspective. If anyone has any advice or knowledge about Rosemead or other grad schools, let me know. Thanks so much for listening.