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Fly with Me

Fly with Me
By K. A Graaf

From the ground I look up at the sky
Wishing I could fly to greater heights
I am frustrated and restless; some laugh as they see me struggle to flap my wings
Mocking me as I look up to fulfil my purpose and my dreams
They are satisfied to peck at the ground, and comfortable to be where they are
But I stare up at the night sky desperate to fly and reach the stars
I want to soar to the mountaintops; fly to places I have never seen
I have a deep desire; flames of passion burn within me.
I feel like an eagle trapped in a chicken pen
I do not want to stay in this chook yard and be like the rest of them
My wings are ready to fly; I want to soar
I don’t want to settle for this life on the ground anymore
I want the wind of Gods grace under me, lifting me to greater heights
I want to get closer to the Son and feel the warmth of His light
I want to go to where I have only dreamed
I want to fly to places not yet seen
I don’t want to settle for second best
My heart beats strong and hard; Hope is pounding in my chest
Must I fly alone or quench this passion within me?
Who wants to be my companion on this fight of sweet mystery?
If I have to fly alone, like an eagle soaring on the wind
I will! Even if I am the only one that wants to feel this hope beneath my wings
There’s so much more to see
There’s so much more I can be
I cannot stay on the ground anymore
I am destined to be an eagle and my destiny is to soar
I’m going to fly, only God knows where
I’m going to fly to heights unknown; leaving this ground of despair
Hope and glory await me. I will rise above the storm
I will fly to places I’ve never been before
If you want to fly with me, I am leaving now
The impossible will be accomplished, someway, somehow
Stay on the ground if you want to
I’m going to fly with or without you!
The sky is filled with the Glory of God and all of His Majesty
I want to be closer to God and have all of Heavens love embrace me
Destiny is calling; Hope blows underneath me lifting my spirit high
I am an eagle; I was born to fly
Rising above the earth below
With passion to experience the things of God; things I have yet to know
His glory fills the Heavens; His presence paints the sky
He is seated above all. I will lift His name on high
I will rise up like an eagle; His strength is in my wings
He is my joy and peace. I will fly above the earthly things
He is my destiny; In Him I will fly and be free
Who is coming? Is there anyone that wants to fly with me?
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