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Its your love that I must see,
O my soul that calls on thee,
More than just truth in what you hold,
Giving me your all in the times of old,
revealing the depth’s of secrets in flight,
Beneath your love are this wings of Wight,
Sowing faith in ever thing you do,
Bring your tenderness as I walk with you,
Opening my heart to what must be,
Thy gentle touch over takes me..
By, Clifford Wayne Duncan

Can you fell what I hold,
Beneath your heart words are told,
Raining in the night as I set along,
Thinking of love, that only went wrong,
Tears of sorrow hold ,me still
Within your reach a passion that heals,
Felling for truth along your way,
Needing tenderness to only stay,
Revealing dreams in what I find,
Growing in love that only shines..
By, Clifford Wayne Duncan