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Feed up with P.C.*^%"**

In the U.K. there is a Campaign Against Political Correctness check it out .

Has this been the case elsewhere???

We are increasing hearing people say that it seems the trend to more & more stupid, unworkable & marginalising aspects of this nature are being promoted.

From what was an effort to create healthy & just rule & systems we now have idiotic suggestions such as Christ out of Christmas, out of the scools Christmas plays & celebrations,tinsel is unsafe, etc etc
My brother in law told me Sun. eve. that where he is in Canada a truck driver ran down & killed a child. He got off because the policeman didn't talk to him in his original home tongue. I think he had been in Canada for a double figure of years.

The devil tried to take Christ out at the cross & ''they'' are still trying to do it.
Political correctness by today`s definition, has been little help in making us more 'civilized.' I read a humorous response on the banning of piggy banks in some British banks, as written by Simple Man: "I have officially decided that I want Deviled Ham,devils food cake,dirt devil,deviled eggs,red devil paint supplies,blue devil pool and spa supplies,and the Ringling blue devils banned from the entire U.S. of A. because the "devil" being used in this way is offensive to me and my Christian religion" (hopefully this won`t give anybody an idea LOL) ;)