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Favorite Book?

How often do you read the Bible?

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Do you read the Bible everyday?

Also, what is your favorite book of the bible and why?
What is your favorite book besides the Bible?
Since I asked, I should answer as well.

Yes, I read the Bible everyday. More than that to be honest.

My Favorite Book of the Bible right now is Romans, it seems to change as I grow. Isaiah is awesome as well.

Out side of the Bible, I read mostly commetary type books and a little Christian fiction. Right now I can't say I have a favorite one, although I enjoy reading Ravi Zacherias, Henry Blackaby, Watchman Nee, Josh McDowell and John MacArthur. I am currently reading a book by John W. Mauck, "Paul On Trial".

God Bless you all

Your Pastor T
I also read my bible many times through out the day and I am also reading a few other books. I dont really have a favorite book right now but I did really enjoy the first two books of the soon trilogy by Jerry Jenkins (havent got the 3rd one yet) I am also reading" The way of the Master " by Ray comfort and Kirk Cameron

God Bless
I read and study the Bible everyday

My favorite book of the Bible is the Gospel of John

I have a pretty large library consisting mostly of references, cyclopedias on biblical, theological and ecclesiastical writings, church history,and some commentaries. Some of my favorites are T. Austin Sparks, Joseph Parker, A.W.Tozer, J.Vernon McGee, Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon and Charles Finney
Great thread PastorT ! Daily is an understatment for most of us here ! My favorite book in the bible is Genisis . The first 4 chapters have been the key to unlock the mystery's of God to me . Knowing who and what our Father intended for us to be at first , has given me a measuring line as to who and what has been stolen from us by satan . And also who and what the Father is trying to restore back unto himself .

My favorite book's are many . The man in the mirror - by Patrick Morley is very good . And most book's by Edwin Cole . GBU Mike :love: :boy_hug: :computer:
Good thread Pastor T, my favorite book in the bible is the book of Hosea. Because God speaks about how He took Gomer and gave her a godly husband even though she didn't deserve one. All though she was a harlot, he had Hosea wait for her and to restore her. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, He made a way for us to repent and to be restored. He is faithful even when we are not. I also like to read christian fiction, Frank Peretti books and the Left Behind series. I also have read a lot of the books recommended on the New Life Clinics radio program.

Your Sister in Christ
AlabasterBox :girl:

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I remember that book (from bible study class)! Good one Alabaster. Hey, I deserve a woman :p Where's mine? :) Just kidding, I'm patient. GOD's choice just cannot be beaten. I'll wait...

I love reading the Bible. Lately, I've been reading only 1-2 chapters a night. I like to scatter around a little but I usually go through the full book in the bible before moving on to something else.

I think my favorite is Proverbs. Its too overwhelmingly strong with wisdom and insight to GOD's eyes on what is righteous or not. Very powerful stuff indeed. Its a pure statement of wisdom, peace and joy - the "how to" for life.

I also love the beginning of Genesis (everything before the first sin plus the immediate forgiveness and plan for Salvation from GOD). Its amazing, GOD spoke and BOOM! Hello Earth! Hello people and every walking/crawling creature (no, not cavemen or monkeys evolving into humans with suit and briefcases please).

I love the HOLY BIBLE. :)
i try and read at least a bit of the bible every day,i had a printout(cant find it)on how many verses you had to read every day to complete it in a year.I did so about 9 years ago.My favourite book is proverbs,there is so many stand alone scriptures that are each pearls of wisdom.My favourite secular author is Terry Pratchett(ever heard of him?)always manages to make me laugh out loud.


I read my bible every day and if I don't get to read it that day I will listen to a reading.
My favorite book is Psalms. It is filled with praise to Jesus.
I read a little bit of the bible every day. A little and often is good. My favorite book in the bible is Philippians, because the book had helped me to grow in faith.
Philippians 4:7 And God's peace, which is so great we cannot understand it, will keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
I read my bible every day. My favourite book is Ruth, because it's my name and I like reading the story over and over again, even though it is a short book in the bible.
My favourite book is Pslams, my favourite verse, is Pslams 26:3
I read my bible everyday, mainly just out of comfort.
Stay Real
yeah, i read it daily... i find it's a great way to start the day reading and praying.
my favourite book? oh, i love Job... it's a great book, about God, life on earth and in heaven, having a true experience with God... also, it's very complicated, so we can always discuss something new
My favorite book is Proverbs because it's full of wisdom! Second favorite books: the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) because that's where Jesus talked the most!!!
I try my best to read two chapters (if not more) a night. I had slacked off in that for a little while & found it hard (shame on me!)to start it up again, BUT what joy you find once again when you do.

My favorite book of the Word of God has to be Exodus. I love the story of Moses & the deliverance of God's people. The plagues & mighty works that God poured out on Egypt shows what an AWESOME & MIGHTY God we serve!

On the other hand, I do love the gospels also; the mercy, grace & love of God shown through His Son, Jesus.


God bless,

Titus 2:13 (NKJV)- "...looking for the blessed hope & glorious appearing of our great God & Savior Jesus Christ,...":angel-animated:
Praise God, what a nice thread past T.

I still fail to read my bible everyday because of unacceptable reasons which I still do my best to overcome;-(, but I'm honestly sure I do read it more than 5 times a week and do earnestly pray everyday... and since I've found TJ, some of my readings for the week are spent here as well.

My faves are the books of Psalms and Proverbs. The former (Psalms) reflects my soul's desire like the psalmist David. My joys, pains, agonies, defeats,victories, praises and thanksgiving are all compiled in Psalms which I love to sing over and over again.The latter (Proverbs) directs me to valuable Christian characteristics that I need to take heed and preserve for the protection my testimony and salvation in Christ Jesus.

As of now, my other fave books are more about Marriage and Counselling because I and my husband are just over -a -year married couple.
Daily reading - varies in length. I also like to do separate study/meditation for more in depth "feeding".

Hmmm... favorite book? That's a tough one as I like the historical books of the OT, Psalms, Proverbs and, of course, the Gospels. If I could only pick one, at this point in my walk, I'd pick 1 Corinthians.
I try to read the Bible daily, but miss a day every now and then, so I said five times a week.

My favourite book? Probabaly Philippians.