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I am going through a rough time in my life now. I am having many physical illnesses and despite fervent prayer, they progress.

Sunday, at church, the elders and the pastor are going to anoint me with oil and pray for my healing as James 5:14 says.

I am considering fasting and praying until then.

What are your thoughts or experiences on fasting?
My experince with fasting is that, at times when I am led to fast, It doesnt take long before I feel the Power and Presence of God in my life!! Honestly!!! I am a faster, and I love to fast before the Lord.
My flesh hates it, and I wrestle with that, but once I start, it gets so much easier.
I encourage you to fast if you are able too, health wise. Be smart. I do not know your health conditions. God knows...make sure its God leading you into this fast, pray about fasting before fasting..ask God how long,, what kind of fast.