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Fasting for a Urgent Breakthrough

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by J.J., Jan 2, 2014.

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    I am fasting for a breakthrough. I have been unemployed ever since my brother died and father was diagnosed with cancer, one after the other. I have gone through all my savings. Its been dark in circumstances but also in my spirit. Please pray that I have the money for my expenses and to live and to give abundantly, that I have shelter and am provided for. That my career is restored, revitalized and successful, that I am immediately employed, That I have vigorous health in mind body and spirit and am divinely and fiercely protected. Please pray, that in the name of Jesus Christ, I have divine wisdom, favor, connections and opportunities, strong faith, immediate success and prosperity and protection. Thank you for praying for me and with me. I have a mustard seed of faith & Matt 18:20.
  2. Am praying with you brother and knowing our God had plans for you. Plans to prosper you not to harm you. He will provide for your every need.

  3. Trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and know the Spirit's voice. Praying for you.
  4. I am also praying for you J.J.

    "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." Matt 6:33

    Bist du ein Deutscher?
  5. I confess and bless that the favor of God surrounds me like a shield. I expect doors to open. I expect people to call or write me, and I receive a blessing.
    I am Divinely positioned. I am highly favored by God Almighty in the name of Jesus!
    The favor of God is on my life and is surrounding me like a shield and I thank you God, for your great favor and mercy. I am highly favored, in the name of Jesus.
    I am a child of God and He loves me.
    I put my burdens on Christ. Your ways, your works, your thoughts, your solutions.
    I pray for my thoughts, in the name of Jesus, let my thoughts be positive and in Christ and Gods will. Guard my thoughts, Let me be focused on You and not preoccuppied with others. Let my thoughts be lined up with the Your goodness, mercy and favor in every person, situation and opportunity. Let me always consult you first in every subtle decision. Guard my thoughts from the enemy. Guard my mouth from the enemy. Guard my ears from the enemy. Let me never be confused by him. Stop me from my 'works' and trying to 'fix' things my way without your help as correct as it may seem. Give me wisdom to know when to move, what seed to plant, what rock to turn over, and when to step back and let you step in.
    No negative words can pull me down. Let me always see You and hear You and think You clearly.
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    Ich bin kein Deutsche. Ich bin Amerikanerin :)
  7. Shout of Praise!

    I have been fasting for a breakthrough and included my loved one's career, work & colleagues... a very troubled but highly valuable colleague finally returned back to work on their project. Hallelujah! :)
  8. Danke sehr. Das geht mir auch gut. Ich studierte Deutsch in der Schule und wohnte ein Jahr in West Berlin. Das war in 1969-70.

    I used to use my German to translate documents on the job, but I've been retired now for more than 10 years. I will continue to pray for your situation. Give God the glory!
  9. Indeed, Hallelujah! Give all of the glory to Him!
  10. Shout of Praise!

    I have been fasting for a breakthrough and included my loved one's career & work... the project was a huge success. Hallelujah! :)
  11. Keep praying for me please. Its hard...I get distracted more and more, and discouraged. I need to keep the faith and not be scarred. I know God is working.

    Thank you God for protecting and keeping me always...even when I am not my best. You reedem me. Your grace knows no bounds. In the name of God, let me only see you in all that I do, in every person and situation, always. I put this burden of lack on God, I HAVE divine connections, divine work, peace, success, prosperity, abundance, fulfillment and happiness - and it multiplies continually each and every day. I AM getting better and better everyday, in each and every way. My doors are now open. My harvest is now. I walk, I work, I speak, I think, I do ALL with divine inspiration. The Holy Spirit is in me and around me always. It protects, provides, and prepares me, it gives me privileges, it produces from within me consistently supernatural ideas and brilliant work always. Thank you, God for letting me live in such favor and mercy when I have been ignorant, when I have hurt, upset, disapointed and was arrogant to you and people. I live under such grace and I pray that I am always loving and I always give grace to others - Let me always see the divinity...when I am hurt, disapointed, betrayed and upset.

    God, you are the one and only power. Shine down on me, let me be one with you and let me see you and hear you today. Let me know the Holy Spirit more, let it always be clear - remove all doubt, and anxiety, confusion and self-correction. Let me be one with you God. Thank you for this day and all that I am provided with. Let me use it all to its best. Let it nourish, propel and increase me in my right spirit, prosperity and success. Keep me from bad habits and tenancies and distractions that do not honor you and undermine my faith, prayer, success and fulfillment. Protect me form all evil, harm and danger. Thank you for these amazing people, these amazing connections today. I really am loved everywhere I go, no matter the situation - Let me make you proud and shine with poise, and supernatural talent, and Christ like love pouring out of me and my works. God thank you for touching me with your hand today. Let me, show me how to be a blessing to someone else today. Let me be prepared to be, say or do the needed thing. Give me courage and boldness. Let me do what I need to do today, correct what I need to correct. Anoint me God. Order my work and give me strength to trust it. Make my friends, my best friends; my enemies, my friends; my critics, my most vocal supporters. God, thank you for making a way in this where there was no way. God, you word is so powerful, it will change everything around it to line up with it. Hallelujah!

    I AM strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Now is my appointed time, I AM divinely led, blessings are chasing me down - one miracle after another, after another. I live on Holy ground with God Almighty, nothing can stop the goodness, the success. I expect the best and I receive the best, my supply is pouring in and piling up, God is controlling this situation and protecting my interests, nothing can erase, or delay me from Gods blessing of success. I see only one power, God.

    Please save me Lord. I cant survive without you. Dont let miss a trick today. Thank you for such amazing favor today. Thank you for this blessing today. Thank you for saving my life.

    Let all of these things manifest in my life and the lives of those around me. Let them become flesh and a happy reality, now, in a divinely perfect way, in the name of Jesus. Amen.
  12. The Lord is watching over you carefully with His eyes of Love.
  13. Keep standing firmly on God's foundation. Trust Him and you will not go wrong. Glory to God.

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