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I'm posting this as I know the lovely couple, from my church. Please show any support, especially prayer for their family. God is a healer!

The Story
For those of us who have had the honor of getting to know Viktoria on a personal level, you know that the words “generous," “wise,” and “gracious” aren’t adequate in describing who she is or what she’s done for each of us throughout the time we’ve known her. She is a mother of two boys, Nathaniel and Joel. She is artistic, attentive at all times — aware and observant of the needs of others – honest and open, fiercely loving and kind, and a woman who invests her time and heart into the causes that God places in her path. She has become an invaluable mentor, sister, friend, servant, leader, and member of our family.

She is also a survivor.

4 years ago, she battled with a pulimonary embolism. Two weeks after her second son, Joel, was born, she realized she couldn't breathe. Her husband, Pedro, drove her to the ER, where doctors found multiple blood clots in both of her lungs. Her lungs continued to fill with fluid and her heart began to fail. She was in critical condition in the ICU for a week, until doctors were able to stabilize her. She was sent home with blood thinners and other meds, but doctors were not able to tell her whether or not she would make it. It took her more than a year to fully recover, but she did.

And now she faces another battle – breast cancer.

Her official diagnosis at this point is invasive ductal carcinoma, which has metastasized to the lymph nodes. They are still doing genetic testing and will do one more biopsy that will help with staging, but as of now, they are diagnosing it as Stage IIb-III. She is set to begin treatment next week at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ. The treatment will take a year, starting with chemo. Once the tumor shrinks, the next step will be surgery, maybe radiation, continuing with anti-body infusions every 3 weeks.

They were recently informed that Pedro's company would no longer be paying for her health insurance – this is where we come in. On average, the cost for treatment can reach $100,000 -- or up to $300,000 for advanced cases. Aside from the support and prayers we can give her, we have an opportunity, here and now, to collectively come together and make a contribution to her recovery.

*Follow her blog to stay updated in her progress: walkingthroughfireblog

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I am praying for Viktoria.

I don't know a lot concerning this, but I believe God has shown it to me and put it on my heart to share. Maybe it will be something they can look into. Whether it is valid or not, I do not know, but all I can do is hope so and trust in the Almighty and know from personal experience that hope in God is what we search for when facing things of this nature.

Here are a few links to something I discovered quite some time ago. Suggesting only that it be something they pray about looking into, as I believe our Father works in mysterious ways.

Cancer testimonies for apricot seeds and vitamin b17
Apricot Seeds Kill Cancer Cells without Side Effects -
An Argument for Consuming Apricot Seeds: Don't Beware of the Cyanide | Natural Society

This is a forum with (obviously) no biased info. Lots of speculation and a I noticed a few people who claimed experience.

Apricot seeds | Cancer Survivors Network

I got all of this from a quick google search. There is probably tons more info on it. It seems strange to me such a massive number of people would claim they got rid of cancer with this if they didn't. Especially since those making the claims it helps don't make money by doing so, and the people that say that it doesn't help are the ones making money from cancer patients.

Regardless, I will be praying earnestly for her health and for the family. I believe God is with her.
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Posted on November 10, 2015

Treatment update: Viktoria just finished her first dose of chemotherapy and is scheduled to receive five more rounds (a cocktail of five different drugs) every three weeks. After she is finished with those, the doctors are continuing with chemotherapy in the form of a drug called Herceptin, which is given to patients with metastatic cancer (the cancer has spread to her lymph nodes), in addition to infusions every 3 weeks. They are hoping that once the tumor shrinks, they can move forward and place her in surgery, where they will try to remove the tumor.

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