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Expand the communication messages?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Bobinfaith, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. Hey Chad: Suggestion:

    We have seen exciting growth at Talk Jesus in the short time we registered! New members are hungry for fellowship, Matt 14:16-20, but it seems many are on their own while signed in and are seeking group or one on one discussion..Live Chat is great but if a brother or sister is seeking a one on one with someone they know who is also signed in, can you design some sort of instant message "in box" for that person's account so they can catch them right away instead of using their personal email (some do not want their email exposed)? Or do you already this service in place?
  2. There is already private messaging, but sooner or later Talk Jesus will have its own professional instant messaging system too! :)
  3. Chad anticipates your every need!
    Click on the persons name. A window comes up which offers you many options, including private message!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Oh Boy! There is another way also .. Members List, click on the name .. you can send a private message!

    I'll bet as we learn this system we find there are even more ways!
  5. Hi, O2BLikeU! Happy Thanksgiving! See you one of these days in Live Chat!

    God Is Good?
  6. Chad: Thank you for the tip! So if I want to send an instant message to another person signed in they will get a pop up flag instantly? I noticed a flag when I signed in but not during..
  7. They will get a notification imediately when they sign in, a pop up
  8. Suggestion- Instructions

    When I came here I didnt know how to do anything on TalkJesus. I could not find anything that said DIRECTIONS -how to use - , INSTRUCTIONS, a list, forum ,etc or anything to instruct me. I still dont know much after all this time. Is there some place on here a new member can go for this sort of thing? Or even better send a link with their first e mail from you when they register so they can go immdiately to learn how to work this site. I still just basically post, Private Message, and go to chat room, and I know there is alot more to this than that.

    Thank you

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