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Hello you wonderful people. . .
I love and trust you in the Lord God almighty as much as I would already know you for years. . .
You all have been sooo kind and loving, praying and standing strong with me, that I do want to share one more prayer request:
If you feel it on your heart, please pray for our family:
My husband has finished two different degrees over here in Germany, he does want to return to the US, best date: Yesterday!
He is 36 now and needs to find the Job of his life. . . in Germany or in America!
We are thinking about moving over to US in summer 2006, he would leave in Jan 06 already to find work and prepare our way over. . .
I would stay with the kids till summer. ..
Hard times coming up!
God is pretty silent and calm, I think he watching us, to see what we will do!
We do want to walk in his secure will. . .
Would you please send a prayer if this is touching your heart to help us pray. . .
Thank you all in advance :love: and praise God for his attendance daily and always :love:
peeps and family

Also, if you have any simular experience and past experience, please post it in here. . . that will help knowing we are not the only once in this situation, Thank you!!! :love:
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God bless you peeps. Things will be good and GOD has a will for your family :)

Trust in the Lord and be calm like our Savior Himself, great things will happen
Hi Peeps...will be praying for God to open doors for you. Are you guys military? Have you considered doing some job searching online to get ideas of what might be available in certain places?
Thank you Sapphire :love:
No, we are not military. . .my husband went through school for carpainter and mediadesign for the last 6 years. . .
Germany has a really high unemployment rate, ever since the EURO started in 2002!
Jobs are hard to get, businesses are going down whereever you look. . .
Especially up north where we live. . .if you are not in the big carfactory in EMDEN / VW
then you pretty much cant make a living. . . thats why it is ok to have help from social offices and employment offices. . .
But what 36 year old, who has learned a lot and is healthy to go to work for many years wants to live from state help,. . . not my husband. .. he has been frustareted for years, we also had big/ huge churchproblems who are just now getting solved . . . so. . he's just very worn out, empty and about to go nuts. . .
If he finishes school in summer. . .then he will go look for work. . . but:
Before he work any minimum wage job over here after learning and going to school all these years . .. he would rather work that in his own language. . who can blame him? I cant!
We have lived in the states twice already once military once privat. . . then he was driving trucks. . .but with four kids. . that cant be the plan for our family, be home every second weekend. .
So we tried different. . .we'll see. .
The plan coming over here was defenetly good for this time. . .but it seems like this time is coming to an end. .
You can just sense that!
It wasnt a toppic for years. . now it is one!
Thank you for helping pray!
We have looked onlline. . he still does in the area of OK City - - - Dallas TX!
God bless you, peeps