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Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by sealightbreeze, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. praying for you

    I will be praying for you.
  2. Thank you. Lord, we saw the house today. And, it was great. Please help both Tim and I be able and live there. It seems perfect. Lord, thank you for all you have done. Please continue to guide my life. Help us be able and live there. Amen

    Please also keep my mom's health in this hard time. Amen
  3. Lord, thank you for what you have done. Please continue to help. Please let both Tim and I be able to live there. Lord, please guide and shape my life. Please keep me strong, and keep my mom healthy through this. Amen
  4. Lord, thank you for what you have done this past week. Please continue to help and guide me. Lord, I pray that both Tim and I are able to go and live at Harmony Living- please Lord, it seems the perfect place. Please guide my life Jesus. I pray also, that my mom's health is good through this
  5. Heavenly Father I pray that you keep sealightbreeze and Tim safe and keep your protection around about them. Lord sometimes we think we know what is best, but only you do Lord, and ask let the best thing turn out for sealightbreeze, Tim, and her mother. Keep them under your protection and in your loving arms.

    Your sister in Christ, Trish
  6. Getting back to the beginning.....

    I would first of all feel this need's to be turned in to the authorities.
    This is abuse!
    Is there not someone there you can go to for protection, and have the authorities look into this kind of action?
    Welfare, public assistance, the Police even? :shock: I'm shocked that this is allowed?
  7. Thank you for the prayers. We did turn to the autorities, the Department of Health, and the Ombudsman. And no, it is not allowed. Please continue the prayers.

    Lord, thank you again for all that you have done. Please continue to help me. Lord I pray that Tim and I can both go to the same place to live please. Also, keep my mom's health up during all of this.

    Lord, I pray that you lead my life. Amen
  8. Yes sister i'm praying for you! "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28. KEEP STRONG!!
  9. Thank you. Lord, please continue to help me. I need to move by Sunday and still have not heard from my case worker. Lord, I pray that both Tim and I can live at Harmony Living. Please guide my life Lord. Please be my strength, and my comfort. Lord, please be with me.

    I pray Lord, that you lead and guide my life. Please keep me safe. Please keep my mom's health up during this time also. Amen
  10. Lord, thank you for all that you have done. The move is today Jesus. Please belss and guide my life. I pray Lord, that you be my strength. Please help me become happy again. I trust in You.

    Lord, please also keep up my mom's health through all of this. Amen
  11. Lord, thank you for everything that you have done. I have been able to move out of there. Thank you Lord, for the place that I am now. Lord, I need help on one last thing please. Tim said he might leave and not live there with me. I am afraid to be alone. Please Lord, if it is your will, let him stay there with me. At least for a while.

    Jesus, I pray: Please help me and guide me. I pray that you lead my life Lord. Please help me find a job, and eventually get my own apratment. I need your strength, love and guidance Lord. Amen
  12. Yes Lord give my sister peace. To know that you are with her no matter where she is and that you'll continue to bless her if she trusts you. Thank you for all that you have done so far in her life. You have proved to be the Almighty God! Hear her prayers today Lord and give her the patience that she needs until you answer them. Let your will be done in my dear sister life. In you holy name, Jesus. Amen.

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