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Email I just recieved from a friend

Why are you so religious??? i dont understand!!!!! ????
There is no proof God exsists, so tell me why you believe so much in him?? its only for support because you are scared of what is really out there.

So i sent back that I have felt the Holy Spirit move and feel unconcious in His presence and constantly speek in tounges. I hear from God and know Jesus personally and that He is my saviour and comforter, that I have seen angels and demons.

Then I told her she has so much to look forward to in life and that she can have a relationship with God who is knocking at her door waiting for her to let him in and let him show himself to her. He is not a religion but a relationship between her and a living God and Saviour. That He died for her on the cross because of his love for her to save her even if she would never come to believe him and he would do it all again for her today. That all she has to do is let him in

Please pray for her and that it will plant the right seed on fertile soil..
I will pray, I have many friends like that as well and I pray for them constantly.
God bless