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Editing your posts - UPDATE

Staff Member
Greetings all Members of TalkJesus,

Please be advised that there has been an update to the time that you can edit your posts.

It is now 30 minutes. Previously it was 15 minutes.

What does this mean?
  • It means that you can edit your posts for up to 30 minutes after you have posted on a thread.
  • You have 30 minutes in which to be able to make any corrections to your spelling if need be.
  • You now have 30 minutes after posting to make changes or you can add Scripture (which is always good if applicable to your post)
  • You now have 30 minutes to read through what you have posted and make any changes to your post
How can I edit a post?
At the bottom of your post you should be able to see a button that says 'EDIT'. Click on it/select it.
From there, your post will appear in an editing page. You should be able to edit anything you have written. When finished, click on the Submit button and you're done!

When should I edit a post?

It is always encouraged that you check your posts before submitting them and it is also a good idea to re-read them once you have posted. This allows you to take another look at what you posted and in doing so, to allow the Lord to show you anything that might be better written.
Sometimes we might post hastily or in any manner of heart that is not fitting to the name of Jesus. Reading through your own posts can help you to see if you might have written in a way that is rude or in inconsiderate to other members.

As you are encouraged to pray about everything you post here at TalkJesus, most editing will more than likely be simple spelling mistakes. If you use an automatic spell checker, these can sometime change words completely, so again, a quick read and you can see if everything is in order.

By using the EDIT function you can also add any extra thoughts that you might have after posting. Doing this helps avoid posting another post immediately after your previous one. By doing this you help keep TalkJesus orderly and help other readers to go through the thread without having lots of small posts in a succession by any one member.

Remember that the main purpose of posting here at TalkJesus is to communicate between each other. It is only common sense that you want to be understood and editing your posts if need be can really help. A post with lots of spelling mistakes can be confusing and if nothing else makes it difficult for readers to understand you.

This is NOT to say that you must have perfect spelling every time you post and you must edit every post you make. Making mistakes when writing happpens, so please don't stress about it but DO at least attempt to get it right for your sake and for everyone else's sake.

May I also ask that all Members go here
Proper Editing Guideline: How To Post
and read the Admin post regarding ways to set out your posts for clearer and easier reading.
Enjoy posting and remember always to post in peace!

thank you for reading this.
You now have 30 minutes to edit your posts!

Bless you ....><>
One note.
This Also makes it easier for some to post things that stir up others and then go back and rewrite it.

Blessings to you
I appreciate this too. Does anyone else have trouble pasting to this site? As in making a comment or sharing a good post?
Staff Member
depending on what software/Operating system you use (Android; Apple; Linux; Windows; etc) and the clipboard (copy/paste) software and if you are using applications that have their own copy/paste software as well as the Browser you use (eg Safari, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc) you may run into problems with direct pasting and will need to 'paste unformatted' or similar.
Look at your options if you have any. If you are using a Laptop or Desktop Computer, you should have those options if you use the mouse right click function. A simple Ctrl + V or Cmd + V on your keyboard will not provide that for you unless you have specifically set your system to do so.

If that doesn't work try the Edit Tab in your toolbar and select Paste from there. Fiddle around with the options here and see how you go.

Some web sites are set up in such a way with their formatting that simple copy/paste doesn't work but a workaround like explained here usually sorts it.

have fun!