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Don’t be lured away from the simplicity of Christ like many are for the pursuit of knowledge

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After debating on a thread posted by an apostate who abandoned God because she claimed to have better knowledge about reality, I feel the need to warn the body of Christ about the deception that has been warned about in the Gospel.

Apostle Paul warned about being lured away from the simplicity of Christ. The simplicity of Christ is to love God and obey His command to love others. Any other knowledge that opposes this is false knowledge. Any additional knowledge is only there to make people proud.

Atheists and people like NYQueens977 are deceived because they pursue knowledge that is useless in making them better persons. How does knowing how the universe is formed, for instance, make people more righteous? It doesn’t, that kind of knowledge only leads to pride and arrogance, and Satan loves to draw people away from God using this pursuit of knowledge as bait.

Almost every single cult and secret religion makes this claim of having superior knowledge. Because their drive is to get superior knowledge and not about being more righteous, Satan draws them away with pride and they forsake the truth for a lie. But the Christian faith, at its core, is about having the truth so we can practice righteousness. Let this be our drive and not the pursuit of fruitless knowledge.
Knowledge can be false, misused and even twisted. The empty pursuit of knowledge (from a heart of pride) without a purpose as to what to do with that knowledge leads to deception and corruption, just like what happened to Eve in the garden of Eden. Like the Gospel said, knowledge puffs up and leads to pride which is in itself sinful. NYQueens977 and many other atheists who claim to be in continuous pursuit of knowledge do so to their own detriment and fall into Satan’s trap of pride.

God gives us just enough knowledge and wisdom for us to live as godly people, otherwise any knowledge is useless when it is not going to educate us on how to live godly lives. Beware not to fall into the trap of pursuing endless knowledge when it leads to nothing but a prideful attitude.