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Does he love me?

Hello to everyone, this is my first time chatting. I need someone to talk to about this because sometime family doesn't always give you the best advice. My husband is upset with me because of a lie that I told him. It was my decision to tell him about it because am in a time in my life where i am trying to get a better relatioship with God. I can not do that if i was lying to him. I told him the truth about everything to clear myself. He knew nothing until I told him. The lie was about a bill I payed. I told him thursday and he has not spoken to me sense. The thing is I have forgiven him for things way worse than that. He left me and my children at home with no lights and no money but I still forgave him and tried to make are marriage work. My main concern is that If he cannot find forgiveness in his heart for me than how can he love me. Can you do that?
well first I would like to welcome you to talkJesus. Second i will pray for you and your family. I would like to ask you a few questions like how long married? Is your husband saved? thinkgs of that nature. I am here to chat or listen feel free to pm me God bless you
We have been married for 5 years oct. 19 of this year. I now that he know the Lord but I don't believe he is saved at least he hasn't been since I meet him and we have been together for 6 years
Bornagain, I`m rather smiling at your post, your husband may have
broken my 'moment of silence' record lol
Honestly it`s quite possible love your spouse
very much, but not 'feel' very in love with them at times,
when there`s anger, frustration, problems, tiredness, etc.
Actually if we were to take a poll of married couples on
this forum alone, I think you`d find out its not only
possible but true about all of us. (come on TJ no kidding now lol)
It`s how emotions are, and all part of the ups
and downs of relationships, but feelings are not
a gauge that the heart can be measured by.
Give your hubby time and space to work thru his feelings,
and let God give you His grace to be all He wants
you to be. :love:
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Jesus is Lord!


My husband and I recently celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary. (We have been together for 27 years.) I have been a Christian for 22 years of our marriage.

One thing I have learned (as a Christian wife ) it that it is very important to tell the truth to our husband. I have lied to my husband. We all make mistakes. Be patient with each other. We are all growing.

A Prayer for You:

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for Bornagain and her precious family. I pray that you show her husband that she loves him, dearly. Keep this couple close to you, Father. In Jesus name. Amen.

Your Sister in Christ,
Dr. Bon Vie
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I am trying to give him space but it has been 8 days since we have talked and he drives rucks so that is his way of escaping. I have tried to have a conversation with him but he is very unreceptive to me. I know that I need to give him time and I am trying to use this time to focus more on my relationship with God because I just recently found that I need God more in my life but I can't help but feel hurt.
I am sorry you are hurting :girl_hug:
We do know theres is ONE voice he can`t escape right?
I am going to pray with you that God will talk to him
today while hes driving that truck, that He will move
on him in such a way, that you will see
a difference from the moment he walks in the door!
Thank God when we call out to Him, He does answer!