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Does anyone know the rest of this song?

theres a song that my dad sings and plays on guitar but he doesnt remember all of it. does anyone know it?
-Once in a dream i was standing in glory stunned at the splendor of the lamb that was slain i knelt and lay prostrate in light overwhelming...something something something......
chorus: and god said give me your cup and i'll give you an ocean..give me your something and i'll flood your lift give me your light and i'll illuminate the universe i can do miricles i can do miriclese i can do miricles if you'll worship me worship me....

sorry its spacy but i dont remember all the words and its such a pretty song its so powerful gives me chills. but if anyone knows the rest of the words and who its by i would love to know i wanna learn all of it so i can play it on my guitar too. thanks very much!!
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Jesus is Lord!


Do you know the title of the song, or the name of author?

Your Sister in Christ,
Dr. Bon Vie
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Have you tried the search engines by searching "christian music lyrics"? or type in a line or two of the song? Sometimes that works.