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Does anyone know about World Video Bible School?

Discussion in 'Bible Chat' started by Yiteng Zhang, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. Dear brothers and sisters,

    I am very eager to learn the Bible systematically under some professional/orthodox guidance. Therefore after a lot of searches online, I came across this online school named World Video Bible School (WVBS Online Bible School - Free Video Courses). It offers many video lessons with self-proctored exams and even essay requirement. One can either sign up as an auditing student, an informal student or a formal student.

    But I am not sure whether their teachings are holding to the truth, or if there are any extremes or heresies. It seems that there is no Statement of Faith on their website. But it seems that this website has a lot of users in the USA/North America. So I wonder whether any brother or sister has ever heard about it, and what are your thoughts about it? Do you recommend it? Thank you.
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  2. Greetings @Yiteng Zhang

    I have not heard of this Bible School before,

    I had a quick look and you are right there is no statement of faith.

    Perhaps check it out a bit more deeply and prayerfully.
  3. Good to see a brother hungry for the word of God here a couple of my favorites bible study programs.

    These websites have really helped me.

    One thing is for sure not anyone is going to agree on all the details, I like hearing from several people and reading for my self and then deciding for myself. There are many things in the bible that are not clear, and some people preach like theire word is the final authority on the matter and what they say is 100% correct and that it is not true. Many scholars and Godly men disagree on many things in the bible like the rapture and OSAS and many other things. So dont take waht any man says as the final word read it your self and see what the Lord reveals to you.

    Audio & Video Commentaries by Dr. J. Vernon McGee

    Bible Studies
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