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Do You Watch Horror Movies?

Discussion in 'Polls' started by Julie1983, Jan 12, 2012.


Do You Watch Horror Movies

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Maybe-as long as they are not too scary

  1. I will watch horror movies that have an interesting plot but I cant stand to watch gruesome or very scary movies like Saw or Paranormal Activity. Like 14A horror movies is what I watch.
  2. I voted no, I have no desire to watch it. Even if the horror themes are relatively on the mild side, there is usually bad language, taking the Lord's name in vain, etc. to contend with as well. Things that a Christian should be guarding his heart, his eyes, his ears against.
  3. I voted NO. It looks as id most favor the no as well. Most shuch movies have blood and guts and now days sex is mised in it. Look at CSI blood, violence and sex. This is evil! If you are watching this kind of garbage then you are feeding your mind with evil!:secret:
  4. I much prefer the old fashioned horror films than today's blood and gore type. The Hammer horror films were brilliant.
  5. In the Bible God shares the story with us of the war in Heaven between angels. It is a battle of good s. evil and in the end good wins. Every plot has mimicked that no matter what genre it is. Good character, evil character, conflict, climax, conclusion. Thats just the way it s and I dont find any good plot evil.
    Provided there are movies I wont watch such as previewing the new horror movie, Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark, I refused to watch it because it is evil preying on a young child. It is all using your good sense of what to watch. But another horror movie, Straw Dogs, it has the good guys defending a retarded man in their house from the evil guys. The good guys win. No matter what you watch it is the same plot.
  6. No. But I don't watch anything. I would rather use my time to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.
  7. I voted No

    Voted no because I don't watch these types of movies. Infact the movies that enter my house are either g, pg or pg-13 and if there is one ounce of bad langauge it gets turned off and taken out of the player.

    I won't watch horror movies at all. They are of no benefit to me or anyone else infact they are more of a harm to people than anything else. Movies that show demons, demon possession, ghosts, paranormal or anything else that is not of Jesus is not something we should partake in...these things only serve to give satan more way to enter into one's life..instead we all should be doing as is instructed in the bible
    Thinking on those things that are pure, righteous, Holy and of Jesus Christ Himself and honestly who of us would watch these kinds of movies if Jesus were in the same room with us sitting right next to us.. I know I sure wouldn't and if we wouldn't do it around our Lord we certianly shouldn't do it now because the truth is He is right there and nothing is hidden from Him.
  8. But it also has an intense and prolonged rape scene at the end!! :shock: I watched the movie before I was saved but cannot do so again, now that I am saved. You must guard your heart and mind, Satan is very tricky how he gets us to partake of things!

    I have made a covenant with my eyes.

    Job 31:1
    I made a covenant with my eyes
    not to look lustfully at a young woman.
  9. I can't watch scary movies. I have nitemares many
    nights afterwards. It doesn't help that I am also
    scared of the dark too.
  10. Hello.

    I grew up watching horror movies, what a waste of time.

    Very few were interesting.

    If I had children I would not allow them to watch horror movies.
  11. The Bible is full of violence and such. I understand that it happens and that is something people deal with. Good vs evil, the same plot. People in the Bible even tried to rape angels! Its nothing new to me.
  12. Dear Julie,

    I don't think that's a good excuse, please use some discernment. Are you saying that because people in the bible tried to rape angels, that it is okay for you to watch movies with prolonged rape scenes? And does " Its nothing new to me" mean you are desensitized to violence and evil? The devil wants us to be unconcerned about it and act like it's no big deal.

    Oh yeah, and not to belabor the point, but the sex-obsessed retarded man in the movie that is unwittingly being defended by the good guys, had just murdered a young woman, that's why the evil guys were hunting him down.
    The whole movie is about lust, coveting, adultery, rape, murder and revenge. Hardly a worthy "good vs. evil" plot imo. David vs. Goliath is good vs. evil, while horror movies are just evil.
  13. I'm one of the 3 that said yes. :wink:

    Horror movies aren't my first choice by no means but I have seen my share. I won't watch 'spiritual' / 'demonic' / 'possession' types of movies...I feel your entering into that realm of the spirit and choose to not bring it into my house or head.

    Having said that ; one of my favorite movies is SAW. :shock: When it first came out I said there was no way I would ever go see that movie. My wife is a little more daring then me, and she said 'what the heck lets see what the fuss is all about' ? We rented it and we were both amazed. The "horror" theme is misleading. Its not a horror movie...its a suspense movie with an amazing thought provoking plot line. I was leary at first like any "Christian" should/would be , but after I watched it (several times now) I'm left with my mouth open saying...WOW.
  14. No I'm just saying I see worse things in the news then I ever do in a movie (unless it is one of those really evil demonic ones I dont watch) Anyways just the other month I saw a video of a toddler getting struck by 2 vehicles and like 18 people just walked by and left her there. So I guess that I am desensitized. I made the toddler a poem and a remeberance page on Facebook...

  15. And one more point about the movie Staw Dogs, that girl was trying to make that retarded man do that with hr and he didnt want to. Also the one who got raped in a previous scene took her shirt off in front of the window leading all those men on. She was really asking for it showing them all her private area. I like thrillers more then horror movies, most of them these days just are awful.
  16. Dear Julie,

    I know, I remember it. The whole point is that this movie is not good vs. evil, it is just licentious and bad morality all the way through. And real horror movies are much worse. Thrillers are usually a lot different, but we just have to use discernment and ask ourselves, "would Jesus really approve of this movie?"
  17. Yes, there may be worse things in the news than in a movie, but the news (presumably) isn't promoting it, they are just reporting it. Whereas in a horror movie, the violence and gore is purposeful. And can we come up with a guess why those 18 people just walked by and left her there? Can we agree that even if the chance is small, it is partly because they have viewed 1000s of murders in the movies, where life is cheapened and they are desensitized to killing and death, and they think it is somehow cool and funny to watch Jason or Freddy hunt down and kill people?

    When people have such a callous disregard towards life, as those 18 onlookers did, it is because they are desensitized. That is why we should not be watching horror movies, regardless of whether or not we think there is a good vs. evil element to them, or whatever reason we may have for watching.

    And I'm curious, where did you see that video?
  18. They actually walked by her because in China many people have been blamed for the crime when trying to help someone That is what I read anyways. I wont post the video on here as it is far far too graphic. I cried for a whole month after seeing it. The little girls name was Wang Yue or Yue Yue as I affectionately call her. Please dont watch the video. It is easy to find on You Tube. The last thriller/horror movie I enjoyed was The Descent. Maybe I am sick or something but I just enjoy the suspense. Then I jump three feet and cover my eyes.
  19. That is so sad, but I understand it 'cause in China life is so cheapened. The government murders their own people, etc. And no, I don't think I will watch the video, because I don't want to watch someone die on screen, any more than I would be in the stands if our governments brought back gladiator fights.

    Oh by the way, I had been meaning to say this at the start of our dialog, that I am not coming down on you when I say something, just trying to get you to see another point of view, and maybe help you to realize that we are accountable to the Lord about what we put before our eyes.
  20. Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

    When we are born again we become new creatures. However the 'old flesh' nature still likes to reassert itself...Paul said that he 'dies daily' does one 'die daily' and ensure the old flesh nature remains buried in the waters of baptism? By starving it to death. Don't feed it. Feed the new man through prayer and Bible study and wholesome music and good company. Horror movies is a gross food straight from hell and is designed by Satan to debase man and insult his Creator.

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