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do we really know Jesus

fellow christians thou we are saved do you think you really know your savior or have we grasped him never to let Him go?
maina said:
fellow christians thou we are saved do you think you really know your savior or have we grasped him never to let Him go?
Dear Maina: Good eye opener..Every morning I have to get on my knees and redidicate myself to Jesus..I thank God for the armour to equip me, the fruit of the spirit in all my affairs, and the blood of Jesus cleanses my flesh, so I can walk in His light and be used physically, spiritially, giving Him all the glory and honor to serve others. When I let go and trust Him, and let God lead..He always does..
Staff Member
I have come to a point to realize, by grace of GOD in Jesus' name that there is no way ever I could ever turn away from my Savior Jesus Christ. No way ever! I love GOD so much I honestly think about GOD literally every second of the day. Its almost as if I'm sharing my mind with GOD lol (partnership) :)
Awesome, Chad!

Having known Him, as feeble as that knowledge may be, what would life be like if we did not have Him? Worse than death!

I do not think that we can ever "know him" fully, in total intimacy while in this flesh .... we see through a glass darkly as scripture says, or "eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard the glories that God has in store for those who love Him! (paraphrasing) But even the small portion we have now is incredibly beautiful and more precious than anything this world could ever offer. A Pearl of Great Price!

It is so beautifully put in this song, "In the morning when I rise, give me Jesus" .. all the lyrics! Fernando Ortega .. it'll bring you to tears!

Praise God, every day though, we have the incredible opportunity to wallk more closely with our Lord ... to follow Him more nearly, to see Him more clearly, to love Him more dearly day by day.

Those dear and precious times when we are able to shut out the world and draw oh so close to Him and experience His Love are exquisite! Diamonds! Pure Gold! Emeralds! Rubies! Ahhhh! More precious and more beautiful than even these!

And so, perhaps we are not there yet, but, Thank God, He leads us on the Highway of Holiness where we come closer and closer every day! And one day ... one day .... we will come face to face with This Wonder. Will we dance in His presence or will we be in awe of Him and still? (Another great song, amen?)

How Beautiful is our Saviour! And how worth seeking daily, hourly, minute by minute!
thanks once again fellow christians for sharing with me. i came to know him recently and i wldnt want to be strangers with Him. i sought for this new heart for a long time and now that i have it i intend to do as per His will. i know that one day i'll see my Jesus and sing a new song whilst He leads me home in Heaven where i shall be with him forever more.
be blessed and your words were touching en encouraging
When I first became a Christian, I had a very, don't know
how to describe it really, wonderful or weird, you decide.
I felt so annoyed at having to 'share' him with all the other
Christian folk in church and it really did make me feel
a little, call it being selfish, a sin I know but then I still
had to grow and be taught by Jesus just how to share,
which he did teach me well. Amen
But I will not forget how I felt at the begining, like I
wanted him all to myself, and why did I have to share him
with others......weird? eh?
Isn't it lovely when he lives in our heart though, don't you just
feel so differant, the way he has set us aside from the world.
I pray to be light for him that somebody will want to know him
through knowing me.