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Do the Main Thing

Staff Member
Do the Main Thing - November 02, 2005

Robert Oppenheimer was the chief scientist on the "Manhattan Project" that developed the A-bomb used to end World War 2. Through many months, that project became the only thing that Oppenheimer thought about. He lost weight and suffered a lot of internal turmoil over the terrible weapon he was developing. However, if he had backed off and not been so focused, it is nearly certain the bomb would have been greatly delayed and many more lives, Japanese and American, would have been lost.

What is your "Main Thing"? Is it your job, your family, school, other people in your life? Is it making sure you are comfortable and have all of your own needs met? The Thessalonian church people had discovered "the main thing" and were even known for it.

Paul wrote they had "... turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God." (1 Thessalonians. 1:9) They had discovered that their main purpose in life was to be God's servant. They still continued their businesses and work, but their first calling was to serve God.

If you are first God's servant, it doesn't matter if you change jobs or careers, or fail by worldly standards. If you are first dedicated to Jesus Christ, whatever you may do in this life, your self-worth will never diminish. You will be in His will.

Contributed by Michael Ullrich

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