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Gender controversy is all about respect and not the stupid idea of equality here on Earth It is not about the uterus or pennies' For example; I,as a male, decided to pick up the slack........sweet Erma did not realize the need was so bad yet......... I took it on myself to dust everything. I used a bunch of wipes. Men do need to have more respect for their for wives and girlfriends and THIS will change society. The ironic problem now is that women have dismissed this kind of respect. Many now only respect their vanity and or sex and do not care about the greater good which God does care about..
Now, I believe I am not the average male, but then a lot of females have ceased to be average women.... in favor of working part-time at McDonalds and have much more stress etc. that can cause depression and to leave the kids lonely. It's a matter of attitude and not equality.
We, all of us, have our calling, if we are listening to the Lord's voice. Are we not His sheep who always recognize his voice? Many, male and female, have failed and are failing to hear what God is saying to their hearts. But, some, both male and female, are listening to and obeying His voice.

"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:" John 10:27