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Devoted to him

Through all that I must go through I stand unshaken and still devoted to you oh lord through the roughest times I know that you alone shall see us through.
I only desire to be devoted to you to serve you in all my ways, I look to the sky see the clouds roll by i feel the wind of your presence blow by me i stand firm on the rock where you have placed me. How far must I go you say you will lead me I choose to fallow you oh Lord! No matter how the world hates me no matter how they persicute me I will not be shaken from the foundation you have placed beneath me for you are my rock my salvation you are my safe place! Many will come in your name but if i listen with my heart i will know you for you know me in all my ways you know my heart. Let the angels dance amoung us let the angels shout your name abroad with all aderation let us raise our hands in worship to you father let us cry out your holy name for you are the ever lasting your love is eternal though we may be weak you make us strong for you are the perfect one you are all we need you are our Lord we choose to serve!
Let the Waves roll in and try to crash our foundations for i know that you father will keep us firm!
As the stars in the night sky the promises you gave to abraham you give to us for we are your children you have promised us protection you have given us the truth you have given us the choice to walk in your ways to walk in your blessings let your presence reign over us!
Darkness surounds those lost from the light but you father always send a candle to show the way to your eternal light
though many will fall from you you still love and leave a door open for them who choose to return for you are the forgiving father who loves unconditionally why should I turn fom you as long as I know you stand with me Lord I will never be shaken no matter how deep the flood you will pull me to safety I love you Lord and to you I remain devoted!

This isnt nothing fancy it is just how I feel for the Lord I choose to be devoted to:love: