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Death row! Guilty! Not any more !

I want to share this for those of you who, feel condemed, opressed, guilty, in bondage, we have all been there at one stage of our lives, and feel like giving up wether we are a christian or not!

Well imagine you murdered someone and you admitted it to the court, you were guilty as charged no doubt that you commited that crime, so therefore you got sentenced to death by electric chair, your now on death row, if unsaved heading for an eternity in hell, where you deserve, and in your mind your going through thoughts of why did i do it? your playing it over and over again in your head, your tormenting yourself, but you know you deserve that punishment, so the morning before your execution your eating your last breakfast and feel absolutly broken inside, then someone come to the prison door, opens it and says, your free to go,
what ?????? why ??????? this man has paid the price .
JESUS CHRIST is his name, that price is his blood on the cross for every sin no matter how bad, he paid for it ALL, and you really are free, if only youll believe that he died for you personally, you will experiance peace that passes all understanding.

So why dont you ask Jesus into your life and let him take your burdons, ask him for forgivness and he will forgive and make you a child of god.

praise god this really touched me it made me think and question how much jesus really did for me alone and how i would have felt on death row
Staff Member
Amen brother thank you for that post.

Every knee shall bow down to our Savior Jesus Christ!

Thank you GOD of Heaven and Earth VERY MUCH!
AMEN!! Jesus dieing on the cross was completely amazing paying the price that us sinful humans should have paid!! he made the ultimate sacrifice and bridged the gap between man and god and made a way so we could enter a personal reltionship with god!! and gave us the freedom that so many take for granted.
i get really hurt when i see people hurtign God i mean sure enough there not Christians but when you think about it coudl you imagine taking Jesus place?

i couldnt but i know how much he went thru for me personally... i ben bad in my day sure enough and feel bad for shovign it in his face and hatign him btu now i LOVE him and have coem towards the light... YAY!!!!

Love Simon!!!