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Dear daddy!!

Dear daddy,

I never really asked you why or what or where or when.
I never really loved you through my life of brokenness.
I never thought to ask you if i can have your love.
But still you gave it to me through your only begotten Son.

Daddy i still don't know if i truly am your child.
I mean lets face it, i am a little wild.
Is that normal daddy for me to be that way?
I dont think it is. Maybe you can show me one day?

I do love you daddy but as easy as it sounds
It is quite hard to keep my feet upon the ground.
Can i tell you something daddy? I know you will hear.
I can always tell when you are really near.

I dont think ive said that before but its best i say it now.
I dont want to leave it too long cause tomorrow is coming round.
Do you think i will get better? I believe i will. I do!
I know you got me daddy. You love me! I love you!

It doesn't matter what i do you always help me to my feet.
You really are awesome!!! You truly are neat!!!
Daddy just one more thing before the devil thinks he has won.
I repent of my sins, i love you so and i thank you for your Son.

Thank you daddy! I love you :love:
Heyaz lesley love it you had better not stop writing your poems. there totally awesome. love it sweets. ill speak to ya soon hopefully before new year. catch ya laters
Wellp thanks for being honest. I never had a daddy so why else shouldnt i? he's the best daddy i have ever had. you might not think so but i sure do

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