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Daughter has cancer

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I wanna thank you for many things, you were hurt and broken about your daughter but you still prayed for me! I noticed your thread when you posted it, and I wante to reply, but I was so out of faith and I didn't know how to console you.

You make me amazed, you amaze God my friend, I can see how much God is blessing you, and He'll never abandon you, but because you are stronger than many in faith, your tests are more difficult,

I love you so much... God will heal your daughter, just believe it! even if it wasn't the plan, God may change His plans! His mercy exceeds His power!

Amaze Him :smile:

God bles you sweetheart.
New Member
Bless you Nermeen, Your words are a great encouragement to me.

I have been waiting to hear from Debbie today, but no word yet.
She may be in the hospital still, I'm not sure.
Will post the news when I hear,
We are now off for evening services.

Back home about 10:30

Thank you so much, and everyone here. You have made this trial a lot easier to bare knowing your prayers are with us.
Praise be to our God, forever and ever.
New Member
Carlos here reporting for prayer call.
All of our confidence is in Him alone.
Early in the mornin my voice will give
praise to Thee.
And at the night watch I will meditate
on Thee.

Con confianza en Cristo tu hermano Carlos
New Member
Evening everyone,
Just talked with Debra, seems we are still in a waiting mode.
They took more test today ,but wont hear results until perhaps Friday.
Looking to see if the cancer is in a fast growth stage, or not.
If it is they will schedule surgery in three days after results made known for sure, if it is slow growing may be 4-6 weeks before surgery.
Also checked to see if it is her lymph glans .

We are trusting the Lord, and so very thankful for you all here, keeping her in prayer.

We just did a study tonight from James 1:
Rejoicing in trials, and why God allows them.
Sometimes to show us whether our faith is genuine, sometimes to teach us a lesson we need to learn, and exercises our faith, giving us staying power, and endurance.......just a couple of my notes.

May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ fill this place, and bring glory to his name. :love: Night now, God Bless
New Member

Father i come to you in prayer and i plead the blood of Jesus over Debra Lyn from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. i pray for your will to be done in her Abba. i pray your blessing over Debra Lyn as well Lord.Abba i speak peace over her and i rebuke every lie that satan has told her in Jesus name. Renew her mind and her strength Abba. i comit her into your hands now Lord in Jesus name i pray Amen
New Member
Just an up-date

The Dr now have scheduled Debbie for a cat-scan on Thursday.

They may suspect the cancer is larger than expected, but haven't made clear their concern.
Debbie is feeling so very sick, but is keeping faith.

Pray that they decide to get her in soon, so she can be relieved of the trauma . Her body is weakening, her spirit is solid.

Thank you all so much for your prayer support.
I send her your prayers ,and she is touched by them, your care, and concern for her.....:friends:
New Member
This is an e-mail I received from my daughter Debra Lyn
It is to you, so will let her speak for herself.:friends:

Finally I have some news to pass on to all of you. First I want all of you to know how much you mean to me. I truly am one of the luckiest people I know. God is so good to me giving me friends and family like you.
This has been a test of my strength and faith to let go, and let God take me through this.
I found out today that the Cancer has not spread, It is concentrated in the cervices and will only need to be taken out with a simple hysterectomy. This means a couple days in the hospital and two weeks out to recover. They want to schedule me for either the 9th or the 11th of February. I am so thankful for this. I knew God would watch over me.
I don't know what else to say except thank you for all your prayers. They have been answered and you have received the blessing of your faithful prayers for me.

God Bless you

Then I too want to express my Great appreciation, for all you here, who not knowing us from Adam, still came along side in the name of Jesus ,and held us in prayer.
We belong to the highest order of "Family",Our King of King's", and there are no words to say how much this has meant to me.
WE have an awesome God, let us praise his name forever, and forever may we love,and serve him, in gratitude.
IN the name of Jesus, Thank you, Dear ones!
New Member
for Debbie

Hey Debbie, how are you? i am great. my name is Andrea. i wanted to let you know i am going to continue to keep you in prayer. i am very excited to hear about the good news. God is awesome and i am Thankful for the plans He has for your life!!!!!!!!!!
The Joy Of The Lord Is Your Strength
much love
New Member
Thank you, we are greatly encouraged by the latest news, and so thankful for his Love, mercy and grace, and for family like you all.
Praise belongs to our Lord. :friends:
New Member
More news

Just got a call from Debra,
She goes in on the 11th of February for surgery.
Will be in the hospital 4 days, but off work for about 4 weeks.
We are hoping she will come home, here, so I can take care of her while she heals.
Knowing when, and what helps in the waiting.

God is so good to us, we rest in confidence......
New Member
remember we are a new creation the old is gone the new creation is here. the old life of sickness, is hung on the cross and the new life of full health has been given to us. though we live in this world we are exempted from the things in this world from the devil from his sickness and all physical and spiritual poverty. we live as passers by setting up our tent. the blessing of abraham is on us and every physical and spiritual blessing is on us. the blessing maketh us rich. when you go home into your cupboard to eat you dont ask because it is yours, the same applies with gods kingdom in mathew 16v19 we have the keys to his kingdom, we are heirs and coheirs with god and christ, what is his is ours, so when we get our key and walk in to his storehouse full of substances like healing, financial freedom, marriage restoration etc, we dont have to ask but we take because it is ours. how do we receive we bleive in gods promises. god bless im praying debbie is fully healed with the substance of healing poured all over her penetrating her inner being receiving healing. amen

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