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Daily in Your Presence/ LIBERALITY

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"You may ask me for anything in my name,

and I will do it."

John 14:14

My child, giving is what I love to do. Will I give you everything you ask for? No. Did your parents? But I wait daily at your door to hear you call on My name and ask, so that your joy may be full—so you can bring glory to My Father. My liberality knows no bounds. Just look at what I did for you on the cross. Grace, mercy, and compassion are new every morning—these are but a small part of your daily "blessings box." Don't be afraid to ask, My child. I know what is best for you.

Lord, I never need to beg like a dog at its owner's table. Neither do I want to misuse my inheritance to hoard up riches. You have given me Your name, an eternal credit card to use before the Father with Your blessing. Thank You for Your liberality. You have blessed me more than I could possibly deserve.


Those who come to Jesus with empty hands will leave with full hearts.

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