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Continue to pray for me....

Please continue to pray for my friend Jovani and I. We're still not talking to one another, and it's been almost six months since we last spoke to one another. We didn't have a fight or argue with one another, but we were best friends and we were very close. Please pray that God will restore our friendship and will help us to communicate again.

And to also keep praying for my mother, who is dealing with issues of having trouble walking due to severe joint pain and stiffness, and she needs help with getting the social security benefits that she deserves. Because she is too sick and too disabled to ever work again, she needs this. Please pray that she gets the help she needs.

Thanks so much and God Bless you all.
Staff Member
greetings Brittany,

thank you for bringing these needs before us here at TalkJesus. Together we can also bring these needs to our Father, as you have, through Jesus Christ His Son.
Pray for your friend, Jovani, that he is well and daily knows God's love for him.
May your mother have relief from all pain and be able to get all the necessary help she needs. Please let her know that folks are praying for her if you think it would be encouraging for her.
May you know God's peace and as one brother here suggested to you some time back, may you rejoice and then be able to rejoice again in the love that God has for you through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Bless you ....><>
Glad to pray for you and Jovani! Its so hard to see those we love with hardships they arent handling to well.

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