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Computers !

I love computers ! I used to hate them but I spend most of my time on them I can't get enough . I love figuring out everything about the way they work . :computer: Mike
'puters !

Me three, Mike.

The problem with 'puters is the fact that, as soon as yas gets one, it goes obsolete so fast!

(i like building 'puters)

Dave777 :^>
Staff Member
I think I may have been born inside an IBM back in '79. I'm still investigating and will get back to you shortly. :)

My eyes are 1" blue screen CRT's :p
To DELL ... or not to DELL . That is my question . I just know that Compaqe Pressario is the worst computer out there ! Mike
I have quite a few of friends who like computers like you. I like playing computer games though.
As for the wife and I, we are Gateway nuts; we bought one of their new hot rods with the Pentium D processor, and more gee-whiz stuff than you can shake a stick at. Then I got the bright idea to get another one so we won't be "competing" for computer time. So we bought a refurbished one off of Ebay from a place called "recoup-it". A word to the wise, stay away from these people, this company is operated by the Devil incarnate. It's a long story but we are making the best out of a bad situation.


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