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Computer and Video games

Here's a topic that shouild spark some conversation

What is YOUR opinion about believers and games.
What shouldn't be played, why not.. and what do YOU play!

No judging, no retribution, just interested.:computer:
Staff Member
I used to play video games but work stole my time :) I used to play realistic war games and racing games. Those are my two types of games to enjoy. To me, the war games was like a fight against evil (actually, the game itself is set that way, the ones I played anyway). It wasn't meant to potray as war being cool and macho, just realistic (aside from coming back to life and holding 30 tons of ammo in your pocket lol).

Racing games pumps up my adrenaline as I am a weightlifter so it bodes well. I love speed and high adrenaline, energy and excitement.
Oooh, Games!

I love games. I always have.

From the time I was a young child, I've always enjoyed those simulation games that take you into another world and allow you to experience something that you'd never get to in real life. When my family had an Atari system I used to play a game on there that you take you out into space as an astronaut. I always enjoyed that game, and it's as close to outer space as I will get. Hopefully. :plane:

Since then I've been addicted to every "Sim" game you could think of. SimTower was one of my favorites, and I also really enjoyed RollerCoaster Tycoon.

I thought I was happy with just playing those types of games. Then one of my friends got me started on an old Final Fantasy game. I thought I wouldn't like it, because I've tried to stay away from any kind of violence or wars against evil, whether it be something shown on TV or something played in a game. But then I found that the strategy-building skills that are acquired by playing a game such as Final Fantasy seem to be mind-developing. In a brain-teaser type way.

You see, your first goal in Final Fantasy is to build your character's strength. I love that part of the game because I feel like I'm gaining or accomplishing something by racking up hit (or strength) points. And then you have to go into these boss battles, and the focus becomes protecting what hit points you have built up. Also, you get to collect as many healing potions as you can and then try not to use them up, either. And so, in my mind, the game becomes more of a "How can I build up more points and items and then keep from losing them" type thing rather than a "fight against evil" type game. In fact, I forget all about it being a battle once I get into the strategy part of it.

Oh, who knows, I might be just trying to justify the fact that I simply love the game. Since then, I bought Final Fantasy X and although I haven't played it all the way through yet I still am really glad I bought it because I've always wanted a game where the characters actually talked and you got to walk them through the most beautiful scenary.

I also really enjoy playing Animal Crossing and Neopets. Animal Crossing is another simulation game where you get to live in a virtual world and have a house and a job and everything, and Neopets is the same way except it includes the points and battle system that is similar to that found in the role-playing games such as Final Fantasy.

Since the idea of those games is to live in another world, and to take you to another time and place, I'd really like to see a game designed that will take you back through the Bible as if you were really experiencing it. Designing a game such as that may be more complicated than I realize. Yet, I'd still like to see it done. I know sometimes I feel that a real Zanarkand exists (the city where Final Fantasy X starts), because the game makes it feel so real. So I'd like to see a game that would make the Bible real to those children who play games instead of reading the Bible or having the Bible read to them.

JeRoche :ip:
SIM antics

I might say I'm a video game connosuer... and I might spell it poorly as well. :wink: I've discovered, as I grow in faith and spend more time in the word, that my tastes have grown far more discerning.
Games about wars against evil are pretty safe providing they're fantasy type games involving the slaying of demonic type creatures. Such creatures, I'm certain, are intrinsically evil. When human adversaries get into the mix, then things become murky, because I begin to question whether I'm putting garbage into my head.
That out of the way, I'm also a Sim - game fan. I especially like Sierra's "City Building Series" because the player gets involved in laying out cities from ancient cultures. They've done Rome, Egypt and Greece... now comes the big pitch. I wonder if they (Sierra) mightn't be convinced to base the next installment of their series on ancient Israel. The player could be charged with the construction and managing of many of the Old Testament cities, most easily "taking over" after the Caananites were.. umm.. removed shall we say? That's a concept I know I wouldn't have any spritual conflicts about... assuming the developer didn't monkey with Old Testament history.
Though, in this day and age, I can see a developer trying to "stay away" from such controversial "religious" subjects. However, when I play "Zeus" and I see the cartoon version of a Greek deity walking through the city on the screen, I wonder if they wouldn't have a leg to stand on.
So... congratulations to you steadfast readers who made it all the way through my post. hehe
I agree with the statement that over use is wrong. One also has to becarefull not to let the game be a thorn in your relationships with others.
Im speaking on a personal level here....so im not judging anyone....

I Used to Love First Person Shooters(ie army, SWAT, Counter Terrorism) games. I fould nothing wrong with them, It was just a game, and I had no urges after that to go and kill anyone, so i thought i was fine.

But what i found was my level of compassion for violence from wars(ie stories on the news) etc, didnt seem to affect me any more. The games had raised my tolerance.

It has been about 5months since i have played one of these games, and through much prayer, and with Gods help, my compassion for this area is slowly coming back.

I dont play much computer games now, and when i do, it is usually car racing or tycoon games.

Just my experience....


I used to love to play computer games. One of my all time favorites was/is Mechwarriors.
I got into the first person shooter army games, but found out quickly I can't shoot and run without being shot at from behind, lol.
I don't spend any time at all playing games, seems like everytime I try to install and play a game, I am quickly distracted or bored
I think it's partly God working me. I do believe that the Lord has blessed us with computers and the internet so that we may fellowship with each other and witness to the people lost in cyberspace. There are billions of souls out there who are lost and need Jesus. There are also brothers and sisters who do need to be encouraged by one another.
I do want to point out though, that not only do I spend most of my time chatting with people, and email, but also doing graphics on the computer as well (Im a graphic artist):thumbs_up