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Coming Clean With God

Staff Member
Coming Clean With God - October 08, 2005

"When you say they are wicked and should be punished, you are condemning yourself, for you do these very same things." Romans 2: 1

Two friends were visiting. The one lady, Betty, told her friend, Bernice, that she was invited to a special luncheon, yet had nothing to wear. "Here, look in my closet!", replied Bernice. I have to step out for a little while, so just take your time, look around the closet and pick out whatever you want", she continued.

When Bernice returned, she was horrified to see that Betty had not only gone through her clothes, but she also opened up private boxes inside the closet that were full of Bernice's bills and finance records, love letters from her husband, and other items that were for no ones eyes but hers.

"What are you doing?", exclaimed Bernice as she embarrassingly and shockingly gathered up the items, and placed them back in to their boxes. Betty calmly replied, "You told me I could go through your closet, so that is what I did." Bernice snapped, "Yes, well, but I didnt mean ALL of my closet, even the private nooks and crannies!"

The above story is purely fictional, yet how many of us do exactly that, thinking all of our life is in good order; yet hidden with the recesses that we think no one can see, may exist secret deceptions, displeasing attitudes and mindsets.

As the above Bible verse suggests, often we tend to point out the wrong doings of others, yet fail to address our own sins.

Not one person on this earth can hide from God. Nor can we prevent Him from seeing the true contents of all our hearts, and the realities of our words and actions that we may think we have hidden from the rest of the world. We may be able to fool man, but there is no hiding our sins from God. Like an unattended festering wound, sin has a way of spreading like an infectious disease, and it is only a matter of time before someone begins to smell its rancid odor.

Today is the day to come clean with God, not only by admitting our sins and weaknesses so that we can be issued Go'ds purifying forgiveness, but also so that we may begin anew as a child of God.

Contributed by Melanie Schurr